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Epsilon Sigma Phi Handbook


Strategic Plan

2019-2022 National Epsilon Sigma Phi Strategic Plan

  • Study committee and board structure and responsibilities
      • Conference, finances, board orientation, National/Chapter committees, Affinity Groups
  • Enhanced communication with
      • Members: connect articles to people and committees to link-up
      • Chapter Leaders: newsletter specifically for chapter leaders
      • Committees at chapter level: connect National committees with Chapter committees
  • Increase professional development and leadership opportunities
      • Clarify RFPs for Leadership, Affinity Groups and possible invitations for scholarly work
      • Connect administrators to members
  • Increase value of ESP National to chapters
      • Connect national committees to chapter units
      • Identify opportunities for Life members and New member engagement
  • Engage in broader network
      • Members will have targeted opportunities to grow their professional network
      • ESP National will reach out to other associations and organizations to strengthen the Extension System

2016- 2018 National Epsilon Sigma Phi Strategic Plan

Goal 1:  Play a critical role in positively shaping tomorrow’s Extension System

Objective 1:  Foster dialogue that creates opportunities for critical thinking about the future of the Extension system.

Objective 2:  Build capacity for addressing emerging issues. 

Objective 3:  Build advocacy capacity and recognize excellence in support/advocacy that ultimately advances the Extension System.

Goal 2:  Foster excellence in the Extension professional through professional development and leadership opportunities

Objective 1:  Provide on-going relevant professional development utilizing a variety of delivery methods in response to the needs of Extension professionals.

Objective 2:  Utilize technology for the delivery of professional development and leadership training. 

Objective 3:  Promote collaborative efforts with JCEP partners to encourage multi-state and multi-disciplinary professional development for all Extension professionals.

Objective 4:  Provide grants and scholarships to enhance professional leadership and development for chapters and members.

Objective 5: Provide chapter and member recognition programs that are sought out and valued by members and institutional administrators.

Objective 6:  Respond to the needs of life-long learning for life members.

Goal 3:  Cultivate a strong, relevant ESP organization

Objective 1:  Actively seek growth and diversity in ESP membership. 

Objective 2:  Continually refine and review ESP’s vision and how it is carried out.

Objective 3:  Recruit and train effective leaders for national and chapter ESP roles to enhance and sustain organizational goals.

Objective 4:  Be an organization that is seen as a leader in using new technologies in appropriate ways to enhance our mission.

Objective 5:  Provide efficient and effective communication with chapters and members.

Objective 6:  Provide the financial resources to support the objectives of the organization.

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

55 Walton Place Drive
Newnan, GA 30263

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