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Standing rules may be adopted at the National ESP Council Meeting by a majority vote of the voting delegates present and voting. Standing rules may be amended or rescinded by a two-thirds vote without previous notice or a majority vote after previous notice. Standing rules may be suspended temporarily by a majority vote. Standing rules will be formally reviewed every other year (even-numbered years) by the National ESP Board. Standing rules are kept current by the Immediate Past President who notifies appropriate persons. (Amended October 13, 2011)

  1. Each chapter may determine procedures for defining membership within Article IV, Section 1.
  2. Annual dues will be $55. Each chapter shall collect these dues and pay them to the National ESP Executive Director by February 1 of each year. Members-at-Large pay dues directly to the National ESP Executive Director. (Approved by National ESP Council 2018 for 2020)
  3. Members-at-large shall pay $55.00 annual dues directly to the National ESP Executive Director. (Approved by National ESP Council 2018 for 2020.)
  4. Paid-up life memberships are five times the annual dues. Each chapter shall collect these dues and submit them to the National ESP Executive Director. These life memberships are only available to retirees from the Cooperative Extension System. Life memberships may be purchased anytime following retirement.
  5. An initiation fee of $0.00 will be assessed each chapter for each new initiate.(Fee eliminated by National Council 2018 for 2020)
  6. New chapters shall pay an affiliation fee of $20.00.
  7. Dues cannot be refunded.
  8. Epsilon Sigma Phi's membership list is not to be sold.
  9. A member may transfer to another chapter when the National ESP Executive Director receives notice from the secretary of the chapter accepting the transfer.
  10. If a vacancy occurs in the President's position, the President-Elect will automatically assume the Presidency for the unexpired term and then serve another full term as President. The President Elect's position would remain vacant until the next annual meeting.
  11. If a Past President vacancy occurs, the previous Past President may assume the position for the unexpired term. 
  12. If a National ESP Executive Director vacancy occurs or if it becomes necessary to solicit for a National ESP Executive Director, the National ESP Board will initiate action, develop the position announcement and advertise the position. In addition, the National ESP Board will establish a Search and Selection Committee to screen applications and extend interview invitations. All interviews will be conducted at regular or special meetings of the National ESP Board.
  13. The voting delegates at the National ESP Council Meeting shall adopt the budget for the forthcoming year.
  14. ESP members who have not paid dues in the previous three consecutive years will be automatically moved to the “past member” database in the National ESP Office (Passed by the National ESP Council, September 2004).
  15. Epsilon Sigma Phi shall not affiliate with any other organization without recommendation of the National ESP Board and the consent of a majority of voting delegates present at a National ESP Council Meeting.
  16. The number of voting delegates is determined by the number of chapter members in good standing February 1, prior to the annual meeting. The formula to determine the number of voting delegates per chapter to the National ESP Council is: One voting delegate per 150 members or fraction thereof and the same formula will be used for determining the number of delegates for the total group of members-at-large. (Passed by the National ESP Council December 4, 1999 - Amended October 13, 2011)

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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