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Chapter visits can be conducted to stimulate programming through more frequent contact with the National ESP Board. If financially feasible, every chapter should be visited every five years.

The Chapter Visit form is to be used for requesting a visit. If financially feasible, a National ESP Officer may plan to visit no more than two (2) chapters each year.

Interest in having a National ESP Officer visit should be sent to the National President.

The National ESP Board will approve chapter visits. A schedule will be developed.

A National ESP Officer visit should include the following:

  • Planning meeting, workshop with chapter officers.
  • Meeting with Director of Extension.
  • Meeting with membership, if possible.

Specific objectives of the visit include:

  • Challenge the chapter to creatively outline plans of work on some of the National Epsilon Sigma Phi goals/objectives.
  • Assist the chapter with strengthening some prior identified aspect of their existing program: i.e. financing awards program.
  • Assure that the Director of Extension sees the chapter as a vital organization in the viability of the Extension program in the state.
  • Identify emerging leadership for national committees and officers.


  • The chapter will pay for the cost of lodging, meals and local transportation.
  • ESP will pay transportation.
  • If a visit is more than once every five (5) years, the chapter will pay all expenses associated with the visit.


You may include all of the following information in an email. You do not have to use a specific form.

This is a request to have a National Epsilon Sigma Phi officer make an official chapter visit:

(Date)            ______________________________________________  

(State)           ______________________________________________  

(Chapter)      ______________________________________________  

National Officer Requested:__________________________________  

Date of Visit:______________________________________________  

Location of Visit:___________________________________________


Type of Presentation:_______________________________________  

Visit Agenda:______________________________________________  

The National ESP Organization will pay transportation expenses for an official visit to a Chapter when financially feasible at a maximum of one every five years.   

Chapters pick up the on-site expenses such as cost of per diem (meals and lodging). If a visit is more often than once every five years, the chapter will pay all expenses associated with the National ESP Board member's visit.  

SEND FORM electronically to espoffice@espnational.org

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