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ESP Reimbursement Information

This page contains information to request a scholarship, grant, or stipend payment from National ESP. You are required to be logged in to proceed to some of the following links.

Request a conference stipend

Request scholarship reimbursement

Receipts are required to document participation in activity. Payments that are not documented reimbursements are subject to IRS rules for income (see note below).

Request grant reimbursement and/or submit final reports

Receipts or invoices are required for all grant payment request.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses (not stipends)

Reimbursement of Out-of-pocket Expenses

Please submit an email to espoffice@espnational.org explaining the expense. Attach copies of receipts to the email.  Request can also be sent to the National Office via US Mail. 

Extension Leadership Conference - Requesting Chapter Support Stipends

Chapters must have at least one member fully participate in the entire conference to receive financial support. The National Board will document attendance and request payments on behalf of eligible chapters. Checks will be issued within four weeks of conference payable to the chapter. Checks are sent to the chapter treasurer. The intend of the funds are to support attendance to ELC by chapter representatives.

Important Tax Information: Any scholarship, stipend, or award paid to a member that is NOT a direct reimbursement for expenses (when no receipts were provided) will be subject to income tax. IRS 1099 forms will be sent to members as per IRS rules. In 2019 IRS required a 1099 form to be issued for amounts greater than $600.

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