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ESP Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

For stipend, award, or out-of-pocket reimbursements, visit the Reimbursement Page under the Resources Menu.

National Board Members or ESP Members authorized to receive travel reimbursement on behalf of the National ESP Program should submit a reimbursement form and appropriate receipts to request payment.

The Travel Reimbursement Form and appropriate receipts should be mailed to the National Office (address is on form) or emailed to espoffice@espnational.org.

Travel Reimbursement Form (Excel) This document may not work in Google Sheets.

ESP Policy states that all meal reimbursements must meet GSA guidelines. Receipts are not required for meal reimbursements.

ESP Policy states that we will only reimburse hotel expenses at half the double room rate unless prior approval is given.

GSA regulations state that you may only receive 75% of meal and incidental expenses for the first and last day of travel. The ESP Travel Reimbursement Form will do these calculations for you. You should enter the full GSA rate per meal for all meals eligible for reimbursement.

You are not eligible for per diem reimbursement of meals covered in a registration or purchased by the program.

To find the TOTAL GSA Daily Rate for location go to:

Helpful notes if sending via email: You can type your signature on the reimbursement form and then save the form as a PDF document and attach to your email. We will accept pictures of receipts if the details are readable.

Contact the National ESP Office if you have any questions or if you need help.

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