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Reimbursement Policy for National ESP Board Travel and Others Traveling for ESP Business
(Approved by the ESP National Board on 9/16/2009 - Amended in 2010 and again 2011)

It is the policy of Epsilon Sigma Phi that reimbursement be made at a fair and equitable rate for expenses incurred during the course of carrying out business for the benefit of the National Epsilon Sigma Phi Organization. The following establishes the guidelines for reimbursement for expenses for National Board Members and any other members who have been designated by the ESP National Board to do business on behalf of the National Board or the National Organization as described.

Expenses will be paid for the following:

    • Participation of the President, President-Elect and Past President (or designated representative) in meetings of JCEP.
    • Participation as a partner of the JCEP Marketing Team to attend JCEP partner's annual conferences. The National ESP President will determine the representation of Epsilon Sigma Phi at the annual meetings of the JCEP partners keeping in mind the most cost-efficient methods of representation and annual ESP budget. (Revised by the National Council October 15, 2010)
    • Participation requested for the National President to also represent Epsilon Sigma Phi when invited to attend any ECOP meeting.
    • Participation of the ESP Board in the Extension Leadership Conference each year. • (Revised by action of National ESP Board, November 8, 2005)
    • Participation of the Board member serving as Chair of the Public Issues Committee in PILD Conference and planning committee. Reimbursement for participation will be provided for the Chair of Public Issues Committee and one other ESP representative to the PILD Planning Committee. There should be two ESP representatives on the PILD Planning Committee each year, excluding any chair or cochair of the overall JCEP committee that may be from ESP.
    • Participation of ESP Board members in the ESP Mid-year Board Meeting and National Conference.
    • JOE representative will be reimbursed according to board policy up to the amount specified in the ESP Budget. The JOE representative is notified of this limit in their letter of appointment.

Sources of funds for travel reimbursement:

Travel expenses will be paid from the operating budget of Epsilon Sigma Phi. The amount allocated for Board travel will be evaluated annually and will be allotted as funds are available.

Limitations on reimbursable expenses:

Daily meal expenses will be reimbursed for meals not provided as part of a conference, meeting, or hotel stay based on the federal government per diem rate for destination city. Receipts are NOT required.

Travelers may be paid at 100% of the per diem allowance for the applicable city location. In general, the per diem allowance for the first and last days of travel is up to 75% of the full per diem rate. Based on specific travel needs, the per diem allowance for the first and last days of travel can be adjusted using the applicable meal percentage from GSA guidelines at the approving authority’s discretion.

Group meals -The Executive Director should plan group meals that are as economical as is practical for the setting.

Lodging expenses will be reimbursed at actual rate and must be accompanied by receipts. National ESP Board  members (or any member requesting reimbursement) are encouraged to share a room when possible to reduce costs. Phone calls and Internet charges are not reimbursed.

Travel Reimbursement Policy:

    • When traveling by personal vehicle, official mileage will be reimbursed at the current IRS rate.
    • When traveling by airplane reimbursement includes:
      • Non-refundable coach airfare purchased 30 days prior to travel (Exceptions to be approved by the ESP President.)
      • Baggage fees
      • Transportation to and from airport when accompanied by receipts; and 
      • Any parking/tolls will be reimbursed when accompanied by receipts.
      • Travel reimbursement will be the lesser of the cost to drive and the cost to fly with a 30-day advance airline purchase. (Exceptions to be approved by the National President. The Past President will approve the President’s exceptions.) 
  • Airfare and hotel reservations should be made as early as possible for best pricing and availability. Keep in mind that any decisions made to travel for personal reasons that increase the cost should be discussed with the President (i.e. combining vacation or other travel onto business and excessive cost of airfare, or travel by personal vehicle). President’s personal reasons to travel should be discussed with the Past President. 
  • Reimbursement for National ESP Board Meetings, National ESP Conference, JCEP Leadership Conference and other reimbursable events, will be limited to the days officially designated unless the savings accrued by traveling a day earlier or later, as in the case of weekend travel, more than offsets additional costs for meals and lodging. 
  • All requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of official travel.

Pre-Payment of Travel:

No travel expenses will be paid until after an authorized trip, unless Executive Director pays for accommodations and conference registrations through direct billing. Pre-payment of advance expenses for a commercial carrier can be covered with a signed promissory note.

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