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(Revised and Approved 10/2016)

Role of the Resource Development Management Committee:

To generate new ideas for resource development and management for professional development activities; to increase funding for professional development opportunities; and to review and monitor Epsilon Sigma Phi’s financial management plan.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement a yearly committee plan of work for accomplishing the committee purposes, including short and long term resource development and management goals, and submit to the National Board.
  • Submit monthly committee meeting minutes and annual reports to the National Board.
  • Prepare an annual balanced budget for ESP Board and National Council Approval (in collaboration with Executive Director, ESP Board Members, and Committees).
  • Review budget and expenditures monthly and provide recommendations to the National Board.
  • Complete an Annual Internal Fiscal Review per guidelines approved by the ESP Board.
  • Monitor ESP investments regularly and make recommendations to the National Board.
  • Regularly review investment reports and communicate annually with the firm managing the ESP investments (Organizational Fund and Development Fund)
  • Periodically review the Development Fund Investment Policy and Spending Policy.
  • Explore opportunities for and obtain new financial resources for the Epsilon Sigma Phi organization and the Development Fund.
  • Plan, organize and implement fundraising and stewardship activities to support giving to the ESP Development fund (e.g., annual campaign, marketing materials for chapters).
  • Communicate with the Epsilon Sigma Phi membership through newsletter articles and chapter presidents.
  • Carry out any other responsibilities assigned by the National Board.

See the policy section (Section O (Policies) - ESP Financial Holdings, Investment, and Development Fund Policies) for more information on ESP financial holdings, investment policies, the development fund, and development fund spending policies.


The National ESP Council took steps in 1985 to establish a National Epsilon Sigma Phi Foundation Fund to foster even greater emphasis on "Partnership in Professional Excellence" among ESP members and the Cooperative Extension System as a whole.

Epsilon Sigma Phi's most valuable asset is the quality of the Extension faculty/staff dedicated to serving people across the nation. Membership dues provide a base of financial support, within the chapters and nationally, for the ongoing operations of our organization. But, private tax-exempt contributions are necessary to provide an extra margin of excellence. After receiving legal counsel in 2002, the fund name of Foundation was dropped and Development Fund was determined to be the more appropriate designation.

Epsilon Sigma Phi has a commitment to future excellence through the Development Fund to:

    • Provide scholarships for professional development and graduate study to promote teaching and research excellence to members.
    • Provide mini-grants to chapters for professional development programs.
    • Recognize and reward Extension professionals who have demonstrated outstanding educational competences, professionalism and programming.
    • Publish the latest literature on professionalism and professional development opportunities for Extension faculty/staff.
    • Prepare resource materials that chapters can use to emphasize professionalism to prospective members.

To help reach a projected goal for an endowment fund of at least $500,000 in restricted member donations, each chapter is asked to name an Endowment Chair to give leadership to the local effort. The National Board named the Resource Development and Management Committee to give leadership and develop support materials for use with the chapter campaigns.

The Scholarship Auction at the National ESP Conference generates revenue for the Development Fund and the Organizational Fund (50/50 split).

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

55 Walton Place Drive
Newnan, GA 30263

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