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This page contains:

  • Policy for payment of national ESP dues
  • Dues information for chapter treasurer and membership chair


The governance documents for Epsilon Sigma Phi, The Extension Professionals’ Organization, set January 1 through December 31, as the fiscal and membership year for the organization. The fact that chapters may observe other time periods for their fiscal years does not alter the obligation for the chapters to pay their National Epsilon Sigma Phi dues on the basis of the National fiscal and membership year. The use of the online system allows members to pay throughout the year. 

Since the chapters are allowed to collect dues at their own convenience and since a member can pay dues online at any time, the national organization needed to establish a date by which dues were due for all chapters. The national organization has established the cutoff for payment of dues to be February 1 of each year. The number of member dues paid by February 1st is used to make the decisions that are based on the number of members in individual chapters. The number of delegates to National Council, the number of recognition awards that are given and the number of votes for regional and national recognition are all determined by the number of paid members as of the February 1st date.

Dues paid between February 1 and May 1 will be credited to the current year. While the member paying during this time will not count toward chapter totals, the member themselves is considered in good standing for the year.

On May 1, any members with dues payment pending is given the status of Expired.  Any expired member (or a chapter representative) will need to notify the National Office to have membership reinstated.  When a member pays their dues to have their membership reinstated after May 1, the member will have the option to have the dues credited toward the current year or the upcoming year. A member must pay dues for two consecutive years to be eligible for national activities (scholarships, awards, member presentations, etc.)  A member with an expired status for three constitutive years will be removed from the database.

October 1st is the beginning date for the dues campaign for the following year. The National Office will email dues invoices to each member on October 1 for the upcoming year.

Chapters do have the option to not use the online membership system. These chapters will be referred to as "State Managed Chapters" with "State Managed Members". A state managed chapter will collect all national dues and submit them to the national office in one check before February 1 of each year.  Members of state manged chapters cannot pay dues online through the national website.


Using the Online Membership System

It is important that the person responsible for membership on the chapter level understand the online membership program. It is import that the chapter help keep national records accurate by proving updated information on each member as appropriate. This may include:

  • Review new member applications and confirming that all new members have created accounts in the online system.
  • Review of member information to insure accuracy
  • Notifying the National Office of members who have passed
  • Review Expired Members, encourage members to rejoin, notify National Office of members that have left Extension.

Chapter dues collected by the National Office will be forwarded to the chapter at least three times a year. These dues will be sent to the treasurer.

For chapters who decide to be state managed chapters, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Chapter membership official will submit a check for all members
  • Chapter membership official will submit a list that clearly identifies the members that are included in the dues check
  • The National Office will credit the members that were paid for by the chapter in the online system

When memberships are not paid, members cannot receive the benefits Epsilon Sigma Phi offers, nor the communications needed to alert them of opportunities.

Correspondence regarding National Dues should be sent to:

Greg Price

ESP National Executive Director


Epsilon Sigma Phi National Office

55 Walton Place Drive

Newnan, GA 30263


Phone: 470-347-3094

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

55 Walton Place Drive
Newnan, GA 30263

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