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Handbook Section - Governing Documents

ESP Policies

Policies Governing National Board

Fiscal Policies 

Appeals Process 

Miscellaneous Policies

Policies are established by the National ESP Board to facilitate the orderly conduct of business by Epsilon Sigma Phi on behalf of its members. 

Policies are adopted by a majority vote of National ESP Board members where a quorum is present. They may be amended or rescinded by 2/3 vote without previous notices or a majority vote after previous notice. Policies may be suspended temporarily by a majority vote. Polices will be formally reviewed every two years (even-numbered years) by the National ESP Board. Policies are kept current by the Past President who notifies appropriate persons.

Polices Governing National Board

ESP Executive Board

The ESP Executive Board shall consist of the Executive Committee members – President, President Elect, Second Vice President, Past President and the National ESP Executive Director (Ex Officio). The purpose of the Executive Board shall be to address issues that require immediate attention that would not allow for convening the entire Board. The intent of the function of the Executive Board shall at no time be to exclude the remaining members of the Board.

Board Meetings

The mid-year National ESP Board Meeting will be held at a convenient time with the Epsilon Sigma Phi President determining and arranging for the meeting place and accommodations, doing whatever is necessary to keep costs at a minimum. Once arrangements are made the National ESP Executive Director signs the contract and is responsible for payment. National ESP Board Meetings are held prior to and following, at the same location as, the National ESP Conference.

Conference Calls

The National ESP Board will schedule conference calls as deemed necessary to carry out the immediate business and/or concerns of Epsilon Sigma Phi. Conference calls may be necessary to carry on the business of National ESP Committees. The calls should be arranged by the appropriate Vice President, in conjunction with the National ESP Executive Director. All conference calls will have a written agenda sent to the National President and committee members at least two weeks prior to the conference call.

National ESP Board Expectations

If a current ESP Board member demonstrates inability or lack of responsibility in performing roles, the following procedures are to be followed: (Revised by action of National ESP Board, November 18, 2006)

  • ESP National President will document issues of concern and discuss with the board member who is not performing job responsibilities.
  • Possible solutions will be identified and documented.
  • If the issues continue to occur the National ESP Board will encourage the member to resign.
  • If the board member refuses to resign, procedures for removal as stated in the by-laws will be implemented.

National Board Nomination and Election Process

Polices for governing the nomination and election process for National Board members may be found in the Handbook section: ESP National Board / Guidelines for Officer Nomination and Elections.

Fiscal Policies

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Appeals Process

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Miscellaneous Policies

The National ESP Executive Director will maintain the current membership list which is to be used exclusively for Epsilon Sigma Phi business. He/she will make list available to National ESP Board and chapters, as requested.

Epsilon Sigma Phi shall in no way be liable for the acts of individual members, nor for the National ESP Board who may act beyond their authority. National ESP Board members individually or collectively shall not be liable for Epsilon Sigma Phi unless they have acted beyond their authority. Epsilon Sigma Phi does carry National ESP Board liability insurance. (Passed by action of the National ESP Board on June 16, 2002.)

Any member holding an appointed position who fails to perform the function/assignment may be removed from the position by the National ESP Board.

The President, with the National ESP Executive Director, shall sign all recognition certificates and documents.

A formal review of the Constitution and Bylaws should be conducted every two years (beginning 1993). A special task force should be appointed to conduct the review.

The Strategic Plan should be reviewed and updated if necessary by the National ESP Board annually and progress reported to the membership at the National ESP Council Meeting.

Long-range goals shall be determined every five years with the help of committees, chapter presidents, and members. Yearly, the National ESP Board will develop annual objectives which interface with the national goals. National ESP

Committees and chapter presidents will assist with developing annual objectives. National ESP Committees should incorporate the goals and objectives into their plan of work.

The National ESP President will represent Epsilon Sigma Phi at the annual meetings of the JCEP partners. He/she will also represent Epsilon Sigma Phi when invited to attend any ECOP meeting. If the President is unable to represent Epsilon Sigma Phi at a particular event, he/she should appoint another National ESP Officer to attend--keeping in mind the most cost-efficient methods of representation.

A running list of motions approved at a National ESP Board Meeting or National ESP Council Meeting shall be kept by the National ESP Executive Director.

Members of the National ESP Board cannot be nominated for recognition during their term of service on that Board.(Passed by the National ESP Board March 1999)

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