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Guidelines for Officer Nominations and Elections

By-Laws addressing Nominations and Elections
Policies addressing Nominations and Elections

Rules legislated from By Laws / Article VI, Sections 1, 2, and 3
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ESP Bylaws Article VI (re-post copied from original content)

Section 1. MEMBERSHIP. The National ESP Board shall consist of nine (9) members: President; President-Elect; Second Vice President; Past President; Northeast Region Vice President; Southern Region Vice President; North Central Region Vice President; Western Region Vice President and National ESP Executive Director, a non-voting member of the National ESP Board. (Amended by National ESP Council, October 15, 2010) 

Section 2. ELECTION AND TERM OF OFFICE: Second Vice President for Chapter Relations shall be elected annually to serve one year as Second Vice President, one year as President-Elect/First Vice President, one year as President, and one year as Past President. A regional rotation system (North Central, Northeast, South, and West) shall be used for filling the office.  The Election of the National Second Vice President may be conducted electronically, prior to the ESP National Conference.  (Amended by ESP National Council September 19, 2013 & October 9, 2014) 

In the event no qualified nomination is received by the designated deadline from the region, the National ESP Board has the option to re-open the nomination process to obtain a qualified candidate. The position will then be filled by the vote of the ESP Board members to elect or appoint a qualified applicant. (Amended by National ESP Council, October 13, 2011 & September 19, 2013) 

In the case of a resignation of a Regional Vice President or other officer on the National ESP Board, the Board shall seek nominees for the vacant position. The ESP National Board, upon obtaining a suitable candidate(s), shall elect or appoint an individual to complete the term. (Amended by National ESP Council, October 13, 2011) 

All officers shall assume their duties at the National ESP Council post Board meeting. 

The National ESP Executive Director, a non-voting member of the National ESP Board, is to be selected by the voting members of the National ESP Board. 

Section 3. QUALIFICATIONSThe National ESP Board of Epsilon Sigma Phi shall be members of the National ESP Council and members in good standing of a chapter or member-at-large. 

The National ESP Executive Director is employed by the National ESP Board.  The initial term of employment is for one year and is renewed annually; following negotiation and agreement between the person employed and the National ESP Board. 

ESP Policies addressing Nominations and Elections

Criteria for Members of National ESP Board

  • Nominees are to be current Epsilon Sigma Phi members with leadership skills. They should be a self-starter and possess people skills.
  • Nominees must be willing to make the tenure commitments of the position (Second VP starts a 4 years progression and; Regional Vice President for 2 years or until a successor is elected.)
  • Nominees should have experience within Epsilon Sigma Phi as a chapter officer, service on a committee(s) or have served in some other leadership capacity for the ESP organization.Application/Nomination


  • Nominees (annual members and life members) should have support from Director of Extension in the state where the nominee holds membership and have their Director or the Director's designee submit a Letter of Support which is found on the ESP website under the Applications / Reports Tab and the Officer Application item. (A director’s letter is not required by a Life Member but is optional)
  • A complete application must also include a Letter of Support from the Chapter President. (required of both Annual and Life Members)
  • The total National ESP Board composition should include a representation that is typical of the racial, gender and age diversity of Epsilon Sigma Phi that reflects linkages to state Extension administration, Extension off-campus faculty, Extension specialists and the other six Extension professional associations.

Election Process

  • Chapters submit nominations to the National ESP Executive Director by April 1 for the Second Vice President and April 1 of even years for the Regional Vice President candidates in the Southern and North Central Regions and in the odd years for the Northeast Region and Western Region.
  • Candidates will be asked to address a specific question/statement, provided by the past president or president elect. Candidates will be asked for their response in a short video that will be provided to the chapters who will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice online.
  • Each chapter will be given the opportunity to cast a ballot. Chapter Presidents will be notified of the opportunity to vote. Votes will be weighted according to the number of delegates to which a chapter is entitled. (A chapter with 2 delegates will be counted twice)
  • Balloting will be done online between April 15th and May 15th with the results of the election being announced by June 1st.

The only campaigning for the National ESP Board office allowed is:

  • Nominee’s resume material will be made available to voting delegates on line by April 15th
  • Candidates’ materials will be listed in alpha order online where the election will take place
  • Candidates will present a video of themselves responding to the question that they have been provided
  • No additional campaigning will be done!

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