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The following is offered as a suggestion. It is not intended to replace a ceremony that is traditional to your chapter and fits your situation. Adapt/change/add to this ceremony to meet your needs.

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Staging the Ceremony:

Ask the new members to come to the front of the room as each is introduced.

A display of Epsilon Sigma Phi symbols is appropriate--such as a banner, or project and image of the ESP logo. Items can be borrowed from the National ESP Office if necessary.

Have a packet of materials assembled in an Epsilon Sigma Phi pocket folder for each new member. Suggested contents: New Member Certificate, Epsilon Sigma Phi brochures, recent issues of newsletter (chapter and national), and the Extension Professionals' Creed. (See the ESP Online Store for additional items you might present)

The Ceremony:


Building human capital means increasing the ability to people to reach their full potential through involvement in families, organizations, communities, and the work place. Investments in human capital provide people with the skills, ability, and understanding to function effectively in a complex and changing society. Our role in Epsilon Sigma Phi is to build human capital within an organization in the work place.

The Chapter will provide you with an opportunity to build interpersonal relationships, increase your sense of self-worth, and build creative independence within the organization. Today, we welcome Extension professionals who are qualified to become members of the Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi, as well as members who have reinstated their membership.

Speaker 2:

The purpose of our organization is to improve the image of the Extension System, as well as an opportunity to work together as an interdisciplinary team to promote the organization through national and state committees.

These committees are concerned with Recognition, Professionalism, Public Issues, Membership, Global Relations, and Life members. They will provide you with an opportunity for service within the organization, at both the chapter and national levels.

The official emblem of Epsilon Sigma Phi has a wall of Troy around the outside symbolizing the protection which the organization provides to its members. The "E" on the stem of the key signifies Extension. The Greek letters are interpreted to mean Extension System Veteran. Epsilon stands for Extension, Sigma for Service, and Phi for veteran. As a member, you will no longer be the "new kid on the block". The colors of the organization are green and ivory (cream).

(Optional) I ask to present each candidate with a framed copy of the Extension Professionals' Creed. Hang this Creed in your office to remind you of the goals we live by as Extension professionals.


New members, will you please repeat after me, in unison, this membership pledge:

"I (say your name) / hereby subscribe to and accept the Extension Professionals' Creed / as an expression of my idealism as an Extension professional.

I will endeavor at all times / to conform to it in thought, word and action / and to promote its spirit among those with whom I am associated.

I pledge my loyalty / to the members of this organization of Extension professionals / and I will promote the work and goals / in which we are commonly engaged.

All this I pledge on my honor."

Speaker 2:

We congratulate you on your professionalism, your desire to build human capital within the ranks, and to reach your full potential through your work and our association with each other. Belonging to the Chapter will help you "make a statement" about the value of our work and appreciation of co-workers, who, by their accomplishments and supportive spirit, renew our energies and faith in the total Extension team.

Let us close this ceremony now by welcoming our new members with applause, followed by expressions of personal welcome as the opportunity presents itself.

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

55 Walton Place Drive
Newnan, GA 30263

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