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The Epsilon Sigma Phi National Office

Executive Director Position Description
Executive Director Search and Selection Process
Executive Director Evaluation Process


Title: National Executive Director, Epsilon Sigma Phi, The Extension Professionals’ Organization

The position of National Executive Director, Epsilon Sigma Phi, is responsible to the National ESP Board. The National ESP Board of this Extension Professionals’ Organization has authority for all policy and fiscal decisions.

This position may function as a salaried position or may be done on a contract basis subject to the authority of the National ESP Board in regard to compensation and performance of responsibilities and duties.

The initial appointment is for one year and is renewed annually, following negotiation and agreement between the person or firm in the position and the National ESP Board.

The National Executive Director if employed as an individual working for the board, may recommend a person for the position of Office Assistant (approximately 1/3 time) to be employed by the National ESP Board. The compensation for the office assistant, if there is one approved, will be paid by the National ESP Board. Contracted individuals or firms should consider additional help required to perform the required duties and the necessary funding should be included in the contract.

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Provides leadership to the Epsilon Sigma Phi National Board in relation to fiscal, membership and operational policies of the organization.
  • Provides leadership to the state/territory Epsilon Sigma Phi chapters in relation to organizational, fiscal and operational policies.
  • Promotes leadership for organization, operation and communication of the National Epsilon Sigma Phi office, including the publishing of the ESP Connection Newsletter which is posted on the ESP website,
  • Maintains the ESP website and works with Marketing Committee and Professional Development Committee to utilize a variety of types of communication tools as they become available to better serve the ever-changing needs of the ESP member.
  • Provides leadership for communicating with the Extension System.
  • Management Responsibilities and Duties to be Performed for the National ESP Board and Chairs of Committees:
  • Maintain an accurate email mailing list for communications with chapter leadership and with the general membership of the organization.
  • Maintains the National Office operation and records; i.e., membership, financial, awards, historical and board/committee minutes/reports.
  • In consultation with the President, prepares agendas and materials for National ESP Board and Council meetings.
  • Manages the collection of information, production and printing of the Epsilon Sigma Phi Annual Report.
  • Provides support for committees; i.e., doing mailing of information via email, payment of scholarships, securing the awards for the Recognition Program, managing the website and other tools used by committees for conducting their committee work, assist in preparing budgets and fundraising efforts.
  • Provide National ESP Board members and committee chairs supplied with the necessary information and supplies so that they may accomplish their tasks.
  • Schedules the National ESP Board and Committee conference calls.
  • Records minutes of National ESP Board meetings and conference calls.
  • Facilitates the organization and conduct of the ESP National Conference.


  • Receives and disperses all Epsilon Sigma Phi funds and maintains financial records for the following: ESP Operational Fund, Epsilon Sigma Phi Development Fund.
  • In cooperation with the Resource Development and Management Committee, develops and manages the annual operating budget approved by the National ESP Board and National Council.
  • Arranges for the annual audit of the financial records and tax preparation by a qualified accountant.
  • Financing -- prepares and submits Annual Business Corporation Reports to the appropriate agency.


  • Work with chapter membership chairs and treasurers to insure the accurate maintenance of membership records and the timely collection of membership dues
  • Provides membership status reports to chapter treasurers and/or membership committee chairs.
  • Maintains membership records (historical and current) and prepares chapter, regional and national membership information and analysis for the Annual Report.
  • Provides on-going and timely advice and counsel to chapter treasurers and/or membership committee chairs (via e-mail, phone calls, letters and information/instructions in the Chapter Resource Handbook – Section K) in order that they can effectively perform their membership duties and records.
  • Receives and processes membership reports from chapters -- making entries into the computer database.
  • Monitors the passing of members for inclusion into the annual memorial service.
  • Moves delinquent, retired, and discontinued service members to inactive status on an annual basis.

State Chapters:

  • Provides a source of assistance answers for questions, solutions to problems, posting of accomplishments for chapters and members.
  • Prepares a communication for the Chapter leadership as necessary to highlight dates and deadlines needed to effectively interface with the national organization and their chapter membership.
  • Responds to chapter orders for a variety of supplies including: jewelry, creeds, pocket folders, etc.
  • Responds to requests for computer-generated mailing lists.


  • Serves as editor of the National Epsilon Sigma Phi Newsletter, soliciting articles, writing stories and editing stories.
  • Manages the Newsletter’s production steps including: desktop publishing, proofing, layout, headlines, photos, printing, preparing for posting on the website, securing a professional printer to print and mail copies to members who have no email access.

Status and Qualifications

  • Position is approximately a 75%-time position.
  • Serves as ex-officio board member.
  • Effective administrative and supervisory knowledge and skills demonstrated by experience; including office and program management, development and administration of budgets and supervisor of personnel.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills.
  • Leadership ability and initiative as demonstrated by work experience and/or professional/community organizations.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
  • General knowledge of the organizational structure and operation of Epsilon Sigma Phi.
  • Computer knowledge regarding word-processing, desktop publishing list management and desktop publishing.
  • Advanced knowledge and awareness of computer technology, including software.


(Suggested 1 to 1-1/2-year process)

  1. Position Description and Position Announcement finalized by National ESP Board:
  2. Search/Selection Committee appointed by ESP National Board
  3. Position Announcement and Description released, Application deadline set
  4. Announcement of the Search/Selection Committee
  5. Position advertised via:
    • Presidents of all chapters
    • Personnel offices of all Extension Services
    • Fall ESP Connection newsletter
    • ESP Website
    • JOE Job Search Site
  6. Chair of the Search/Selection Committee (Past ESP National President) and the National ESP Executive Director serve as source/clearing house for position descriptions and additional information.
  7. Applications screened by Search/Selection Committee o Interview invitation extended to highly qualified applicants o Interviews conducted
  8. National ESP Board will negotiate each vacancy and transfer prior to announcing the selected applicant
  9. Selection decision announced
  10. Person selected will be involved in orientation training:
  11. A planned visit will be scheduled to the current National ESP Office as soon as possible and orientation will be supplemented by a period of phone consultations.
  12. Newly appointed director will be invited and expected to attend and participates in the ESP National Conference, National ESP Board meetings and National Council meeting.
  13. Office equipment, files, supplies moved to the new location: As soon after National ESP Conference as feasible. 
  14. National ESP Board determines allowance for moving expenses.
  15. A new National ESP Executive Director at a new location within two months of completion of National ESP Conference.


  1. National ESP Conference National Council attendees made aware that an evaluation process is in place for evaluating the performance of the National ESP Executive Director.
  2. Evaluation forms sent by National ESP Past President to Chapter Officer(s), National ESP Board Members, National ESP Executive Director and staff for performance appraisal. (forms to be sent a minimum of 6 weeks prior to mid-year meeting)
  3. Evaluation forms returned to National ESP Past President (a minimum of 2 weeks prior to mid-year meeting). He/she and/or an appointed committee compile results prior to midyear National ESP Board meeting.
  4. Mid-Year Board Meeting A performance appraisal of the National ESP Executive Director is conducted by National ESP Board under the leadership of the Past National President.
  5. Report is made at mid-year board meeting so results are known prior to decisions made regarding signing of contract or increase in compensation and budget formation.
  6. Fall Report of results made at National Conference.

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