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Bidding for a National Meeting

Call for Bids to Host the National ESP Conference:  

  • Regional Rotation: Any chapter may submit a bid for any year. The host state will rotate among the four regions when appropriate and possible in the following order: Northeast, South, North Central, West. 
  • The regional vice president for the host region will initiate the distribution of information to chapters and will encourage them to submit National ESP Conference host bids.  
  • The regional vice president will initiate the call for bids from the states in the region prior to the year in which the region must submit a bid. The regional vice president will direct states wishing to submit a bid to the Bid Guidelines as found in the National ESP Handbook.
  • The potential bids will be discussed during the National Conference, regional conference calls, and the JCEP Leadership Conference where the regional vice president will provide guidance to states wishing to submit bids.
  • The regional vice president will report on discussions held with interested chapters to the National ESP Board by January 15. The Executive Director will then work with each chapter in preparing a bid. 
  • Bids should be presented to the National Board in May.  
  • The final announcement of the site which was selected by the Board will be made at the National ESP Council Meeting two (2) years in advance of that National ESP Conference.  

Ideal Bidding Timeline Overview

  1. Chapter notifies Regional VP or National Office of interested to host 3 years out. (Notification Deadline is January 15th -- 2 1/2 years prior to conference date). Chapter will provide a list of potential cities. (Do not solicit any bids - see "Selecting a Conference Site" below for details.
  2. Working with Executive Director, chapter finalizes bid package by March 15
  3. Chapter presents conference proposal to the National Board in April or May.
  4. Final selection will be made no later than two year in advance of proposed conference dates.

Selecting Conference Site

Chapters interested in preparing a bid should first notify the Executive Director. The host chapter should NOT contact or negotiate with hotels prior to notification of the National Office. To do so will limit our negotiation abilities through a private firm. Our experience has demonstrated a better contract following this process resulting in less cost to ESP and its members.  

Steps to preparing a bid:

  1. Contact the National Office with a list of potential cities for the conference and potential dates that work for the Chapter.
  2. Share with the Executive Director any desirable hotels or special considerations.
  3. Executive Director will work with a private firm to solicit bids according to ESP policy and conference needs on behalf of the Chapter.
  4. Executive Director will share all the hotel proposals received with State Chapter for consideration. Will discuss options and potential concerns of each location.
  5. State Chapter will select one or two options from the list of hotels submitting bids along with concerns. The Executive Director will start negotiations with selected hotels keeping the Chapter informed.
  6. State Chapter will make a final decision which hotel to use to prepare the bid package.

Developing the Bid Package


  • Bids are considered at the Mid-Year Board Meeting of the National ESP Board for the National ESP Conference 2 1/2 - 3 years hence. 
  • Prior to bid submissions, the Regional Vice-President should lead discussion of possible bids from chapters and prepare materials for the chapters submitting bids for consideration by the National ESP Board.  
  • States considering the submission of a bid should be directed to follow the guidelines found in this section of the handbook.
  • The announcement of the selection of the bid is made at the National ESP Council Meeting. 


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