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National Committee Guidelines

(In this section: Committee guidelines, descriptions, membership terms and appointments, expectations, video conference guidelines, and committee planning calendar)

Committee Guidelines  

The National ESP Board of Epsilon Sigma Phi shall designate committees to carry out the organization’s activities.  Ad hoc Committees and special task forces may be appointed as needs arise with approval of the National ESP Board.  The Second Vice President shall make committee appointments and notify appointees as soon as possible after the appoint is made.  The organization’s goal is to have two Representatives from each geographic region, plus the Chair, on each of ESP’s eight National Standing Committees with at least one of the members on each of the committee being a life member.  But, should the organization not receive a minimum of two qualified nominations for each of the National ESP Committees per region, committee slots will be filled by nominations from any region of the country.  Additionally, the goal is to have no more than one (1) member from the same chapter appointed to serve on the same committee in any given year excluding the Chair. When possible preference should be giving to members that have never served on a national committee. 

All persons appointed to a committee shall be chapter members and willing to devote time and effort to committee activities. A member of the National ESP Board shall serve as committee Chairperson. New committee members shall begin their term of service at the National ESP Conference in the year their appointment is made. 

Committee Descriptions

Global Relations Committee: Works to support international work of ESP members and the extension system to build the capacity of extension professionals to help local communities better understand their communities in a global context.

Scholarship, Grants and Recognition Committee: Develops membership benefits programs, reviews scholarship and mini grant applications and nominations for National Friend of Extension recognition. 

Marketing Committee: Advises the National ESP Board on strategies for marketing ESP to potential members and to promote the ESP organization and image. 

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee: Works with chapters to recruit and retain membership. 

Professional Development Committee: Plans the National ESP Conference, selects presenters for concurrent sessions at National ESP Conference, plans and conducts distance learning experiences and related activities. 

Public Issues Committee: Follows public issues related to Extension personnel benefits (i.e. Federal Retirement), makes input into Public Issues Leadership Development Conference (PILD) and other public issues related to developing support for Extension. 

Resource Development and Management Committee: Works on the National budget proposal, implements plans for increasing financial resources of the Organization and related financial issues. 

Chapter Relations Committee: Made up of the four Regional Vice-Presidents and the National Executive Director as an ex-officio member, chaired by the National 2nd Vice President, the committee is responsible for creating a working relationship between the chapters and the National Board.  The committee is responsible to assist chapter leaders and to provide leadership training for chapter officers. 

Term of Committee Membership

Committee members are appointed for a term of two years.  Members eligible for appointment must have the recommendation of their chapter, usually the chapter president of their designee.  Committee members may receive an additional appointment for a total of two two-year appointments.  The reappointment to a committee can be done by filing a Committee Re-appointment application on the Website.  Committee recruitment should begin at JCEP Leadership Conference, and during Committee Meetings at the National ESP Conference.  

New Committee appointment applications are due from interested members along with recommendations from chapters or Committee Chairs to the National Office by May 1. Use the New Committee Application found on the Website. Current first term committee members applying for a second term must notify the National Office by March 10 prior to end of their term.

Committee appointments are based on the following criteria:

  • Application statement
  • Recommendations from committee chair and/or chapter president
  • National meeting participation
  • Past national committee activity (if reapplying)
  • Positions may be appointment regionally but the board retains the option to appoint outside of any specified region.
  • Board strives for a diversity of chapters, regions, and experience.

All National Committees shall report to the National ESP Board and make recommendations for National ESP Board and National ESP Council action.  

Committee Expectations

A national committee undertaking a special project may appoint a sub-committee, if necessary. The sub-committee chair must come from the "parent" committee. Additional committee members should be selected from the same state as the sub-committee chair. 

Since committee business is generally conducted by e-mail, or online conference call, attendance at committee meetings in a central location is not required by committee members. Committee member attendance at the National ESP Conference is encouraged as time is provided for committee meetings during the conference.  Committee members attending the National Conference, and who attend their national committee meeting(s) and also their regional meeting while at conference are eligible for a stipend the amount determined by the national board.  The Committee Member stipends are to assist with the cost of attending the conference.  Members wishing to receive the reimbursement will be required to file a Request for National Conference Reimbursement which is found on the website.

Strategic Action Plans of Work documents are to be completed and filed with the National Office on the Google Drive no later than December 15th of the year annually.  The Annual Strategic Action Plan Report – will be completed using the National Epsilon Committee Strategic Action Plan Annual Report forms found on the Google Drive at the address provided by the National Office.  Program of Work Accomplishment documents are to be completed and filed no later than September 1st of the year annually or at a time prescribed by the National Office so they may be included in the full National ESP Annual Report.  The annual report of committee activities is included in the full length annual report which is given to the National Council Delegates and it is posted on the website.

Copies of committee correspondence should be posted in the Google Drive Committee Folders directory then in the folder for the committee and the current year.  The Committee Chairs are also required to prepare an article (approximately 250 words) for using in the popular annual report which is distributed to all members attending the annual meeting and it is published on the website.

Committees desiring to publish a brochure, etc. in promotion of Epsilon Sigma Phi and/or its programs, must submit all information in the form of a proposal, including a mock-up and budget to the National ESP Board for consideration of funding. 

All requests for funding must be submitted to the RDM Committee Chair or the Executive Director by no later than May for consideration in the budget for the following year.

A National ESP Board member serves as chairperson for each of the National ESP Committees. In this role, the board member acts as chair for the committee and develops agenda and business for committee. He/she works with the committee to develop Strategic Action Plan of work, popular annual and full length annual committee reports, transmits committee requests, concerns, and recommendations to the National ESP Board. 

  • The Committee Chair has the final responsibility for submitting the Strategic Action Plan of work, and the popular and full length annual reports of committee activities to the National ESP Board
  • The Committee Chair is responsible to make recommendations in writing for National ESP Board approval. 

Video Conferencing Guidelines

Conference calls are necessary to carry on the business of national committees. The calls are arranged by the appropriate National ESP Board member in conjunction with the Executive Director, normally using the online conferencing system.  Each committee chair has access to the online system and will check for availability and will schedule their conference calls.
  • Agenda and objectives must be pre-determined two weeks in advance. 
  • Content of call must be action-oriented. 
  • Calls should be completed within one hour. 
  • The National ESP Board member is responsible for involving the entire committee in the assigned tasks by e-mail and/or phone. 

Committee Planning Calendar

  • National Committee members are appointed -- June  National ESP Board Meeting 
  • The work begins with committee members -- at National ESP Conference (new members may be invited to join calls prior to conference). Officially the outgoing committee is represented at the first National Conference committee meeting. The incoming committee is then represented at the second National Conference committee meeting. However both incoming and outgoing members are encourage to attend both meetings. 
  • Preliminary plans for goals/activities developed by National ESP Committee 
  • Preliminary plans for the new Strategic Action Plan of work is discussed at meeting of interested members/committee members during National ESP Conference 
  • The final Strategic Action Plan of Work is presented for approval at National ESP Board Meeting no later than December 15th 
  • Annual Strategic Action Plan of Work Accomplishments report due September 1st prior to National ESP Conference, prepared and submitted to National ESP Board and National Office on the Google Drive (National Office may change the date based on the date of the National Meeting). 
  • Files are given to new National ESP Board member at National ESP Conference (Chair position is appointed by the National President no later than July1). 

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