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"Marketing" Extension is being conducted in many states. The same principles of marketing Extension can be applied to "marketing" Epsilon Sigma Phi. Motivating members to "market" Epsilon Sigma Phi is necessary; the Membership Chair cannot do it alone. The Executive Committee and National Board members need to be involved and supportive of membership efforts. We embrace Vipperman's Four "C's" of Marketing as noted below: Commitment, Coordination, Communication, and Consistency--could be applied to Epsilon Sigma Phi.

Commitment is essential from Epsilon Sigma Phi members to reach out to potential members. A successful membership campaign/drive cannot succeed without every member's enthusiastic support. Members and potential members need to know why Epsilon Sigma Phi exists and the benefits of belonging.

Communication is necessary -- with members and non-members. The Membership Chair should discuss Epsilon Sigma Phi benefits with members, potential members, and former members to help them gain appreciation for the worth of Epsilon Sigma Phi. Enthusiasm and support will be directly related to the amount of information and feedback everyone receives. Communicate Epsilon Sigma Phi through newsletters and meetings. Give members opportunities to respond to your membership efforts. Social media is a new and effective manner to communicate with members. We encourage active participation on social media outlets around your ESP efforts. The National ESP Office maintains a Facebook Page that located at https://www.facebook.com/espnational/. We encourage every state Chapter to maintain an ESP Chapter Facebook Page and “Like” the ESP National Page. The Marketing Committee hosts a Facebook Liaison who is responsible for national posts, pictures, events, webinars, flyers or other news. Any item that needs posted can be emailed to this Liaison for a direct post to Facebook. This Liaison will continually be a member of the Marketing Committee but the person may change from year to year.

Coordinate membership efforts. Once the membership plan has been developed, ensure that the momentum persists. Hold Membership Committee meetings regularly-- by telephone, by conference call, in person (if possible), or by mail if there is no other alternative. Get regular reports from your committee members.

Consistency in achieving goals plays an important role in membership. Don't let down your efforts! Anticipate peaks and valleys. Identify specific activities that are manageable during your busy times. List other activities that can be addressed during slow times (if that ever happens in Extension!) Consistency is a critical factor in achieving marketing success, just as in achieving membership success. According to Vipperman, "It's essential to prepare your people for marketing. It's a team task." The same applies to membership. It is essential to prepare your members for marketing membership, for it, too, is a team task.

Marketing Tools

Three tools are often useful to chapters when marketing Epsilon Sigma Phi:

  1. A promotional brochure for your chapter (see "EPSILON SIGMA PHI
  2. The Cooperative Extension Professionals’ Organization") a chapter newsletter or chapter handbook for all members
  3. A membership roster of your chapter members. Many chapters produce two to four-chapter newsletters each year and most have chapter officer handbooks.

Suggestions for Marketing ESP

Wear Epsilon Sigma Phi name tag, pins, ribbons, shirts, jackets and other ESP marketing collateral that are available through the National ESP Office.

Supplies and Resources are available from the National ESP Online Store and as Chapter Resources from the National Office.

Bookmark Listing National Board: Each year a bookmark listing names, addresses, phone, FAX # and e-mail address of national board is released. These are available for all members upon request.

Brochures are posted on the website to be downloaded and printed as needed in the Chapter Resources section of the website.

Constitution and Bylaws: Available under the Handbook section of the website.

Epsilon Sigma Phi Exhibit Panel (vertical): Free-standing exhibit that pulls like a window shade is available free for short-term local use. Preview is available on the website under Chapter Resources. Chapter pays return postage to the National Office.

Epsilon Sigma Phi Pocket Folder: Double pocket folder, ivory colored with Epsilon Sigma Phi key on the cover. Order from the ESP Store

Epsilon Sigma Phi Jewelry & Custom Imprinted Promotional Items. Order from the ESP Store

Extension Professionals' Creed: 8-1/2 x 11 size creed suitable for framing. Often presented to new members as part of initiation ceremony from the ESP Store

National Epsilon Sigma Phi Newsletter: ESP Connection Published six times per year by the National ESP Office with input from National Board and Committees. Annual members and Life Members who have provided their email addresses receive e-mail notification of posting on the ESP website. Life members without email addresses receive two hard copies annually through the mail. Current issue is posted on the website at espnational.org. Past editions of the newsletter are posted on the ESP website on the ESP Connection Newsletter page.

New Annual Member and Life Member Certificates: Certificates for chapter presentation to new annual and life members are provided to chapters. New member information must be completed on the website. Certificates are mailed from the National Office to the Chapter President on a monthly basis.

Peel-Off Epsilon Sigma Phi Emblem Seals: Green on gold (1-1/2 x 3/4). Great for name tags, place cards, host ribbons, envelope seals, etc. are available from the ESP Store

Check ESP Store and the Chapter Resources page for new materials that become available. 

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
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