Epsilon Sigma Phi
The Extension Professionals' Organization

ESP Handbook

Table of Contents

Section A – Strategic Plan

National ESP Strategic Plan

Section B – National Committees

  1. Epsilon Sigma Phi Committee Guidelines
  2. Committee Descriptions (brief description for each committee)
  3. Term of Membership
  4. Committee Expectations
  5. Video Conferencing Guidelines for Committee Meetings
  6. Committee Planning Calendar

Section C – Global Relations Committee

  1. Role of the Global Relations Committee
  2. Epsilon Sigma Phi International Fellowship/Scholarship

Section D – Scholarships, Grants and Recognition Committee

  1. Role of the Scholarship, Grants and Recognition Committee

Epsilon Sigma Phi Scholarships

  1. Public Issues Leadership Development Workshop Scholarship
  2. Art Redinger Administrator/Leader Scholarship
  3. Richard R. Angus Professional Development Scholarship Page
  4. Justin Morrill Scholarship
  5. ESP Chapter At Risk Scholarship

Epsilon Sigma Phi Grants

  1. Professional Development Programming Grant
  2. Rita T Wood Grant

ESP Recognition Program

  1. Instructions for Chapters Submitting Nomination for Recognition
  2. Chapter Use of Online System
  3. Nomination Guidelines for National Individual Recognition 
  4. Nomination Guidelines for National Team Recognition Page 28
  5. National Recognition Categories
  6. National and Chapter Recognition Categories
  7. Chapter Only Recognition Categories

Section E – Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee

  1. Role of the Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee
  2. Membership Guidelines
  3. Committee Relationship to Chapters
  4. Chapter Membership, Recruitment and Retention Committees
    1. Identifying New Annual Members
    2. Recruiting New Annual Members
    3. Recruiting New Life Members
    4. Retaining Annual Members
    5. Retaining Life Members
  5. National Membership and Dues Records
  6. Guidelines for Supporting an “At Risk” Chapter
  7. Guidelines for Reactivating an Inactive Chapter
  8. Process and Procedures for Re-activation of a Chapter

Section F – Professional Development Committee

  1. Role of Professional Development Committee
  2. Committee Responsibilities
  3. Extension Leadership Conference sponsored by JCEP

Section G – Public Issues Committee

  1. Role of Public Issues Committee
  2. Committee Responsibilities
  3. Public Issues Leadership Development Conference

Section H – Resource Development and Management Committee

  1. Role of the Resource Development and Management Committee
  2. Committee Responsibilities
  3. National Epsilon Sigma Phi Development Fund

Section I – Marketing Committee

  1. Role of Marketing Committee
  2. Committee Responsibilities
  3. Marketing Epsilon Sigma Phi (Document for Chapters)

Section J – Chapter Relations Committee

  1. Role of the Chapter Relations Committee

Section K – Chapter Handbook

        1. Building Strong Epsilon Sigma Phi Chapter (Criteria for Chapter Self-Evaluation)
        2. Guidelines for Chapter Officers
        3. Guidelines Chapter Committees / Committee Chairs
        4. Chapter Recognition Program
        5. Policy for Payment of National Dues
        6. Executive Director Evaluation
        7. New Member Initiation Ceremony
        8. Installation of Chapter Officers
        9. Memorial Service Ceremony
        10. Request for Chapter visit by a National Board Member

Section L – National Conference

  1. National Conference Guidelines
    1. Purposes of National ESP Conference
    2. When and Where
    3. The Leadership Team
    4. The Conference Program
    5. Budget Development
    6. Registration Guidelines & Procedures
  2. Bidding for the National Conference
  3. Host Chapter Responsibilities

Section M – ESP National Board

  1. Duties of National Epsilon Sigma Phi Board Members
  2. National Committee Responsibilities
  3. Conducting the National Epsilon Sigma Phi Council Annual Meeting
  4. Guidelines for Officer Nominations and Elections
  5. Installation of National Officers Ceremony I
  6. Installation of National Officers Ceremony II
  7. National Board Responsibilities at the Extension Leadership Conference (JCEP)

Section N – Epsilon Sigma Phi National Office

  1. Executive Director Position Description
  2. National Director Search and Selection Process
  3. Process for Evaluation of Executive Director
  4. Connection Newsletter and other Chapter/Member Communications

Section O – Governing Documents

Epsilon Sigma Phi Constitution

Article I - Name

Article II – Certificate of Incorporation No. 20491

Article III - Purpose

Article IV - Membership

Article V - Business

Article VI – Liability

Article VII – Non-Profit Corporation

Article VIII – Dissolution

Article IX – Amendments

Epsilon Sigma Phi ByLaws

Article I – Mission

Article II – Meetings

Article III – National ESP Council

Article IV – Order of Business

Article V - National ESP Board

Article VI – Duties of National ESP Board

Article VII – Duties of ESP Officers

Article VIII – National Committees

Article IX – Financing

  • Membership Dues
  • Member Initiation Fee
  • Chapter Membership Dues
  • Epsilon Sigma Phi Development Fund
  • Special Projects

Article X – Emblems and Recognition

Article XI – Creed Page

Article XII – Chapter Visitation

Article XIII – Rules of Order

Article XIV – Amendments

ESP Policies

  1. Policies Governing National Board
  2. Fiscal Policies
    1. Authority and Oversight
    2. Financial Holdings, Investment, and Development Fund Policies
    3. Development Fund Spending Policy
    4. Development Fund Named Donations
    5. Reimbursement Policy for Travel on National ESP Business
    6. Reimbursement Policy for Chapter/Members (non-travel)(stipends,awards,purchases)
    7. Conflicts of Interest Policy
  3. Appeals Process
  4. Miscellaneous Policies

ESP Standing Rules

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

55 Walton Place Drive
Newnan, GA 30263

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