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sponsored by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP)

This program is typically in February of each year.  Visit the JCEP websit at jcep.org for details on the upcoming conference.

Also see National Board Responsibilities at ELC


  • To orient State Presidents/Contacts, State President-elects and other interested Chapter Members on the structure, procedures, policies, dates, member benefits, etc., of ESP.
  • To allow Regional Vice Presidents to become acquainted with State Presidents, officers and potential chapter leadership.
  • To provide assistance to chapter leadership in their role and to develop good relationships within each of the regions.
  • In most years ESP includes special training for one of the officers or committees.
  • To update state leadership on work done by ESP National Committees and to promote the ESP National Conference.
  • To provide Chapter Reports from each chapter which will server to share the successes and failures as well as the activities being done by chapters across the country
  • To respond to concerns and ideas voiced by chapters and their membership.
  • To exchange ideas about developing and maintaining strong State Chapters.
  • To make recommendations to National ESP Board about the concerns within the regions.


  • All ESP members are invited and encouraged to attend but the following are a minimum representation from a chapter:
  • Chapter Presidents (or appointed state representatives).
  • Chapter President-elects
  • In addition to chapter participation, the National Board is represented by the four Regional Vice Presidents and the National ESP President-elect.


  • The meeting site will rotate to different locations to provide an opportunity for members across the country to attend using major travel hubs to help keep travel costs lower.
  • The workshop is usually 2 1/2 days in length and held late January or early February of each year. Most of the program is usually focused on a joint professional and/or leadership development session in conjunction with the JCEP member organizations. The remaining time is devoted to ESP professional and leadership development for those attending.


The National ESP Budget provides the following reimbursements for board members and chapters attending the JCEP workshop:

  • The Official Representatives of the National Organization at the leadership conference - will be the ESP President, President Elect, Past President, 2nd Vice President and the four regional Vice Presidents..
  • Regional Vice Presidents will attend to work with representatives from their respective regions during the conference.
  • One $500 travel stipend per chapter to reimburse a portion of the expenses required to attend the conference. This stipend is paid to the chapter. The Chapter should use these funds to support travel expenses to the conference as per their chapter guidelines.
  • The National Office will send the stipend to the Chapter Treasure within 30 days for all chapters that had at least one member sign in their attendance at all ESP functions during the conference.


  • Concerns or Issues from your chapter
  • Chapter Report (must be filed electronically on National ESP website by February 1st)
  • Willingness to share and network with other chapter leaders


  • Updated communication from the National ESP Organization provided by ESP National President-elect or representative.
  • Chapter issues shared discussions of past and future ESP National Conferences including:
  • Promotion of upcoming National Conference
  • Planning input for upcoming regional meeting at the National Conference
  • Review the National Conference schedule.
  • Reminders of recognition deadlines and committee updates.
  • Review ESP Handbook and latest updates of the same. 
  • ESP National Committee Reports will be provided in writing by the Committee Chairs or their representatives. These reports are to include committee accomplishments and plans.
  • Review of important dates and deadlines which impact chapters and their interface with the national organization.
  • Review of recognition, scholarship and mini-grant opportunities for chapters and individual members.
  • Discussion on items of interest raised by participants.  
  • Solicit items for presentation at ESP Mid-Year Board Meeting.
  • Time for items from JCEP, ECOP, and/or NIFA
  • Professional Development time to receive training on topics of interest, and discuss issues.


This JCEP workshop is a cooperative effort of NACAA, NAE4-HA, NEAFCS, ESP, NACDEP, NAEPSDP and ANREP. The seven associations will have joint as well as separate meetings during the workshop. A planning committee of the presidents of the seven JCEP member organizations provides overall leadership for the joint professional development sessions every year. This unique partnership provides for an opportunity to exchange ideas, strengthen understanding, and collaborate on efforts where appropriate. 

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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