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National Board Responsibilities
at the Extension Leadership Conference (ELC)
Sponsored by JCEP

The purpose of the Extension Leadership Conference is two-fold, first is to provide professional development across all subjects for members of all six Extension organizations and second is to provide leadership training for leaders of each of the individual organization.

Major objectives of the conference are:

  1. to provide a professional development opportunity that applies to all of Extension,
  2. to increase chapter officers’ knowledge of and enthusiasm for their responsibilities,
  3. to assist chapter officers in strengthening chapter activities and increasing membership,
  4. to help chapter members gain a better understanding of Epsilon Sigma Phi.

The Extension Leadership Conference is for all Epsilon Sigma Phi members will be held annually. All chapter officers, as well as other chapter members are invited to attend.

Dates and locations for the Extension Leadership Conference are determined by the JCEP Board. The Extension Leadership Conference Planning Committee is made up of JCEP Board (current presidents) members from all of the JCEP partner organizations.

The JCEP Planning Committee is charged with identifying the subject matter for the professional development component and schedule of the conference. Arrange for workshop facilities and location, develop a workshop format, provide a registration form, set registration fees, arrange for meals, and attend to other details.

ESP Meeting at the Extension Leadership Conference

The planning committee will allocate time to the individual organizations to provide leadership training and to conduct organizational business. The Extension Leadership Conference Planning Committee will be in charge of making all local arrangements. ESP may make requests for special needs including meeting space and equipment, but additional costs from these requests will paid for by ESP.

In consultation with the Chapter Relations Committee which includes the Regional Vice Presidents as members, the National President-elect will be providing leadership for the ESP portion of the workshop. The Regional Vice Presidents will send an invitation to chapter presidents. Each chapter president is responsible for contacting their other chapter officers, as well as the general membership regarding attendance at the workshop. Generally, JCEP will provide the registration information and procedures. The ESP website will provide links to the information and the registration site.

Chapters are asked to prepare a written report highlighting chapter activities. The Annual Chapter Report for the ESP Meeting at the Extension Leadership Conference is to be submitted though the ESP website.

The Regional Vice Presidents will send a follow-up letter to those who have registered to attend and to chapters not registered to attend. The National ESP Executive Director will provide materials for the workshop.

Chapters sending delegates to Regional Workshops are eligible to receive up to $500 travel expenses per chapter to be used as the chapter determines for chapter members attending the conference.

Epsilon Sigma Phi is a
501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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Newnan, GA 30263

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