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 President's Outlook

Karen Reddersen, National ESP President

Networking:  Making a Connection

Happy New Year to our Epsilon Sigma Phi members!  As we enter 2022, it is a time to reflect on the achievements we have made during this unpresented time, and a time to set new goals for Extension led outreach across the Country.  Many of the achievements have been a result of collaboration across states and across program areas.  What better way to identify and connect with others than to network through ESP!  At the National Conference in Savannah, Ga, some of the most significant benefits noted were the ability to make these connections and to learn innovative methods of sharing relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skill sets to our communities. 

It is our goal to provide on-going methods of networking and professional development for our entire membership throughout the year.  This will be done through webinars, state chapter support and other media venues.  You are doing amazing work out in the field!  We want to provide those connections to be able to share your strategies and successes with your colleagues.  We also want to provide a venue to seek out resources that will benefit your communities without having to reinvent the wheel.

Author Seth Godin shares, “Networking that matters is helping people achieve their goals.”  This is the capstone of our Extension work.  However, networking takes that extra effort and we don’t always put it as a priority in our weekly schedule.  As we look to the new year, set a goal to reach out to a colleague you met at conference or email your ESP regional representative.  Contact one of the members on an ESP committee that you find of interest or send an email to your state chapter leadership.  Reach out to your Board.  We are happy to connect!

The ESP website is a great resource for connecting with our membership-your colleagues are an email or phone call away and their contact information is easily found in the directory.  Given the guiding principles of the Extension Professional, I am sure they will be happy to connect and support you as you seek ways to meet your community needs.  This is one of the many benefits of membership. 

Let ESP be your resource and connection!


Welcome to 2022 and Happy New Year from ESP

"Show Me" your Innovative and Successful programs in Branson 2022

Travis West, Chair of the Professional Development Committee 

The last thing on your list right now might be showcasing your great programs through a poster or concurrent session at the National ESP meeting in Branson, MO, but the March 7 deadline to submit a proposal will be upon us quickly. So, let’s take some of that unexpected down time from a cancelled or rescheduled program and “Show Me” one of your innovative or successful programs for presentation on September 26-29, 2022, while we celebrate “Unlocking our Potential”.

Why consider presenting at an ESP National Meeting?

  • Stipends and Awards for those selected
  • Presentations and posters go through a rigorous review process
  • Strengthens your promotion and tenure documents
  • It’s great to share our programs with others nationwide.

Presentations will be accepted in four categories – Concurrent, Ignite, Research and Poster Sessions.

  • Concurrent Session – May be a presentation, panel discussion, round table discussion, hands-on demonstration or any other methodology. These sessions will be 50-60 minutes in length.
  • Ignite Session - A method of sharing an exciting, educational message on a specific topic utilizing 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds.
  • Research Session - Provide an opportunity to share information about a research project and will be 15 minutes in length.
  • Poster Session - A visual presentation on a specific educational program or a research study. Presenters will be available to discuss poster content during the conference.

The process is easy, and we all have programs that need to be highlighted for others to see.

2022 Conference Proposal Information 

I look forward to your submissions and joining you in September as we explore “Unlocking our Potential” in Branson. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Travis West, Professional Development Committee Chair at



Submitted by Travis West, Professional Development Committee Chair

The ESP Professional Development Committee is seeking webinar proposals that will assist Extension educators with programming focusing on emerging issues and/or reaching new audiences. These webinars will be offered in Spring and Summer 2022.

The lead presenter of the webinar must be an active ESP member. Proposals may be a presentation, panel discussion or other methodology appropriate for a webinar. Topics could include but are not limited to innovative program ideas, management techniques, community issues, new technology or tools, and methods to reach diverse audiences. All proposals will go through a blind review process. Webinars must be a maximum of 60 minutes.

The Webinar Proposal Submission Deadline is February 15, 2022. Lead presenters will be notified by March 19, 2022. Dates and times for webinars will be scheduled directly with presenters once webinar proposals are selected.

For more information regarding the call for webinar proposal requirements and to submit a proposal visit:  2022 Call for Webinar Proposals

If you have questions, please contact Travis West, ESP Professional Development Committee Chair at


Thank you to all Contributors to the 2021 Development Fund Campaign

Submitted by David S. Ross of the Resource Development and Management Committee

Thank you to the two chapters and 54 members who contributed to the Development Fund during the 2021 Annual Campaign – June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021.  A total of $10,730 was given during this year of Covid-19 and a virtual annual conference. 

These chapters and members are recognized in the Epsilon Sigma Phi Development Fund Contributors – 2020 Annual Campaign report.  During that year $37,000 was budgeted from past earnings of the Development Fund for professional development activities.

Several members reached a new Key Level of Giving and were recognized at the 2021 Annual Conference for that achievement.  The Endowment Contributors by Level – 2020 Report is also on the website.  Please note your level of giving.  ESP thanks all chapters and members for the past contributions that are now supporting our many professional development activities.

To access the national website, please log into using your email address on record at ESP.  Then you can go to the content.  You can find the amount you have given by looking in your Profile by clicking on your name at the top and then selecting the Donations link.  The two reports discussed above are found via the homepage under the “Resources” link, then the “Development” link.  Or, log in and go to 2021 Development Fund Annual Report or the 2021 Endowment Contributor List

Fun Facts about the Development Fund

In 1985, a National ESP Foundation Fund was established as an endowed fund to foster even greater emphasis on “Partnership in Professional Excellence” among members.

Existing contributed funds were moved into the new endowed fund.

Income of the new endowed Foundation Fund would sustain professional development grants, scholarships, and stipends to develop the Extension profession and professional.

In 2002, legal counsel advised changing the name of Foundation Fund to Development Fund.

During 2003 – 2005, investment and management policies were established for the Development Fund.  A spending policy has since been established.

In 2005, a professional investment management firm was hired.  Fiscal policies govern the investments and spending.

Tax-exempt contributions are necessary to provide an extra margin of excellence.

An initial fundraising goal of $500,000 in restricted endowed contributions was set and annual fundraising was started.  At the end of 2019 this goal was met, resulting in the good support of professional development activities today.

As of June 1, 2021, the Restricted Endowment Contributions of members and chapters totaled $526,643.  As of October 1, 2021, the market value of endowed contributions plus the accumulated earnings totaled $1,007,204.  The market value varies with the market.

Today, for 2022, $40,000 is available to support professional development!!  Apply for scholarships, grants and stipends!


Impact of ESP Scholarships / ESP Members share their ESP Scholarship Stories

Liz Beiersdorfer, Alpha Lambda Chapter / Indiana Angus Scholarship Recipient

I am a team member on a National True Leaders in Equity team made up of myself, an adult volunteer and two 4-H members. Our project focuses on bringing 4-H to special needs schools in the county, by going to classrooms and helping them complete projects to be exhibited and judged for our county fair. We hope to be in classrooms in late winter or early spring. During these visits, we will be able to use the information learned from the course (team training), to better interact with participating youth.

Additionally, I am a member of the State Inclusive 4-H committee. This group worked to prepare best methods, information sheets on several medical & developmental dishabilles and situational to share with Extension peers during statewide Extension Educators zoom workshop. This session was also presented at the 2021 Leadership Summit for volunteers, youth and extension professionals. We created a 4-H Fair judging Pictogram and explained the use of pictures (actual product is called PECS clipart) to improve communication for those with communication or behavioral challenges.

Lastly, I hope to put together curriculum/activities specially designed for use in 4-H programming with special needs individuals, also to be shared with peers.

Roseanne Scammahorn, Alpha Eta / Ohio received the Art Redinger Administrator/Leader Scholarship

As a new Educator for Ohio State University Extension, I was excited to attend my first ESP conference in Savannah, GA. During my first year, I heard a lot about ESP but did not know much about it or how it would ultimately impact my professional development. The 2021 conference opened my eyes to all the ways I can benefit from being a member of the ESP state and national family. Through attending the conference, I was introduced to the various committees, their function, and how I can support the organization and grow in my career as an active member.

By attending I learned about innovative programming, connected with Educators from across the nation and created collaborations, and was provided the opportunity to find my path within the ESP family. I really appreciated the opportunity to attend the ESP National Conference and look forward to using the resources I discovered, fostering my new relationships, and attending many more ESP conferences to come!

To apply for a scholarship or grant please click here!


Membership Recruitment, Retention and Just Plain Good Ideas

The National ESP Membership Committee has started to meet for 2022. Our intent this year is to get you

regular information on recruiting and retaining membership as well as helping chapter officers transition

to (or refresh on) this important role.

Two links that could be super-helpful particularly for new chapter membership officers and


There is a lot of information in Section E, but the details on how to handle

membership are useful.  Bookmark the URL or print it off for reference.


Something for anyone…

In the "Just Plain Good Idea" category, I'll share the ESP-Lambda Chapter blog - book share. I like having

a blog because anyone can subscribe (allows non-ESP members to get to know what ESP is all about),

and then we have another way to communicate important dates and information to membership and

potential membership. A recent subscriber became a member and commented, "I've always known a

little about ESP, but I didn't feel like I knew that I wanted to join until following the posts. This is a group

of people that I'd like to work more closely with". Feel free to poke around any of the blog, but the page

that seems to be of interest is the "book suggestions":



Feedback and your good ideas are welcome. As the ESP membership recruitment and retention page

references, "Members are hard to get, but easy to lose".  Let's help each other succeed.


From: Celeste Carmichael, ESP Lambda Chapter Communications Chair


Upcoming ESP Deadlines

  • February 1
    • Deadline for all 2022 membership dues collected by chapters to arrive at the National Office
  • February 15
    • ESP Webinar Proposals due
  • March 1
    • Recognition Awards due (nationals only, chapter deadlines vary)
  • March 7
    • 2022 ESP Conference Proposals due
  • April 1
    • Application deadline for Regional Vice Presidents (North Central and Southern) and 2nd National Vice President (from North Central Region)
  • May 1st
    • Second round of Scholarship and Grant Applications due
    • Leadership Scholarships due
    • Deadline for submission of Chapter Annual Reports to National Office
    • Deadline for National Committee applications

Save the Date

2022 ESP National Conference September 26-29 Branson, Missouri

2023 ESP National Conference September 24-28 Billings, Montana

JCEP Extension Leadership Conference February 9-10, 2022 Kansas City, Missouri

JCEP Public Issues Leadership Development Conference April 3-6, 2022 Washington D.C.

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