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    • The agenda for the National ESP Council Annual Meeting is distributed by the National ESP Executive Director, via mail to voting delegates at least 30 days before the meeting.
    • The number of voting delegates is determined by the number of chapter members in good standing February 1, prior to the annual meeting. The formula to determine the number of voting delegates per chapter and the total group of members-at-large to the National ESP Council is: One voting delegate per 150 members or fraction thereof.
    • Each member of the National ESP Board is a voting delegate on the National ESP Council. Each delegate has one (1) vote. Voting by proxy is not permitted. The President does not vote when a show of hands or standing vote is taken, except to break a tie. Votes on the election of officers and amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws should be by written ballot.
    • A parliamentarian should be selected at the Mid-Year Board Meeting for the National ESP Council Annual Meeting.
    • Voting delegates are eligible to receive reimbursement for transportation expenses, as budgeted. One person cannot be reimbursed for being both a voting delegate, a member of a national committee, life member rebates or workshop presenter. Individuals eligible for multiple reimbursements will receive the higher of those for which they are eligible.
    • The president will appoint a balloting committee of tellers to count votes. If there is a single candidate the balloting committee is not required.
    • Policies for the election of national officers are outlined in the policy statement of Epsilon Sigma Phi. 
    • The national annual budget is approved at this annual meeting.
    • Installation of officers for the coming year can be done at this meeting of the National ESP Council or at a later time during this National ESP Conference where they were elected.
    • The National President-Elect selects an Epsilon Sigma Phi member to conduct a memorial service during the meeting of the National ESP Council.
    • Minutes are recorded and published by the National ESP Executive Director.
    • The official final report for the year to the membership of the National President, National ESP Executive Director and all National Committees is presented to the National Council during the annual meeting and is recorded as part of the full annual report.
    • The National President-Elect will present the Plan of Work for the next year.

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