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Chapter Relations Committee

(Revised and Approved 10/2016)

Role of the Chapter Relations Committee:

  • The National Chapter Relations Committee is chaired by the National ESP 2nd Vice President. Unlike the other standing committees, the Chapter Relations Committee members are based on their office rather than by appointment.
  • The members of the committee are the National 2nd Vice President, the four Regional Vice Presidents and the Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member of the committee.
  • At the national level the Chapter Relations Committee focuses on strengthening and enhancing chapters and leadership within the chapters through the following:
  • Providing resources and training to support the development of chapter and member leadership.
  • Promoting leadership opportunities to membership; i.e. National Committee membership and National Officer Opportunities.
  • Strengthening and enhancing linkages between the ESP National Board and chapters.
  • Providing support to chapters who are forming, rebuilding or strengthening.
  • Making recommendations to chapters on techniques and methods for strengthening chapter health.
  • Striving to build a viable chapter in each state or multi-state coalition.
  • Keeping chapters informed about available resources for strengthening chapters.
  • Providing opportunities for communications between chapters.
  • Recognizing chapter officers during ESP National Conferences.
  • Developing a plan for accomplishing the committee purposes and submit to National Board.
  • Submit mid-year and annual reports to the National Board.
  • Carrying out other responsibilities assigned by the ESP National Board.
  • Where appropriate coordinating work with the Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee

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