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ESP offers an opportunity for members to collaborate around special interests. Some of these special interest areas have organized into a more formal structure within ESP called Affinity Groups. 

Currently we have one affinity group. You may join an affinity group by adding the group name to your membership profile. Simply click on your name above (you will need to log in). Then select edit profile.  From here you can add (or remove) your name to any affinity group.

Most recently the previous Latino and Urban Affinity Groups merged into a single group. Profiles of current members will be update to reflect this change.

For additional questions, please contact the group's chair.

ESP Urban and Culturally Diverse Audiences Affinity Group

Martha Aitken, Co-Chair 

Henry Mayer, Co-Chair

Additional members of the Affinity Groups Leadership Team 

José R. García
Oregon State University
Open Campus & Juntos Program Coordinator

Alyssa Bowers
University of Florida
UF/IFAS Extension

Surine Greenway
University of Idaho
FCS Extension Educato

The ESP Urban and Culturally Diverse Audiences Affininty Group
Mission and Vision Statement

Revised 4/24/20


The Affinity Group is a collaborative space that connects and supports Extension professionals serving urban communities and/or culturally diverse audiences.


The Affinity Group creates a network for Extension professionals in ESP who seek to extend the resources of our land-grant universities to address the needs of urban communities and/or culturally diverse or underserved audiences. The Affinity Group provides support, training, professional development, and other opportunities across all program areas and the Extension system to advance the mission of land-grant universities while ensuring diversity, equity, inclusion and engagement.

The Mission and Vision of the Affinity Groups will be achieved by:

  1. Advocating for access, equity, and inclusion that advance the mission of Extension.
  2. Promoting the participation and leadership of Extension professionals serving urban and/or culturally diverse audiences, being respectful of, and incorporating their values, expertise, and contributions.
  3. Harnessing, incorporating, and mobilizing assets, knowledge and promising practices that Extension professionals serving urban and/or culturally diverse audiences bring to Extension for strengthening youth, families, and communities.
  4. Learning and growing together to make change in our communities
  5. Advancing academic, applied research, practical knowledge, and promising practices regarding urban and/or culturally diverse youth, families, and communities.
  6. Recognizing and advancing excellence and innovation for professionals, relevant programming, approaches, and applied research related to serving urban, new and/or culturally diverse audiences.
  7. Building and recognizing the competencies required for Extension professionals to work successfully in urban environments and/or with culturally diverse audiences, and supporting institutional changes and policies that allow Extension to best meet the needs of those audiences.
  8. Supporting promotion and tenure, and other professional development opportunities available to Extension professionals, including opportunities within ESP for scholarships, posters, presentations, and awards.
  9. Supporting and convening people with similar objectives to network, provide support and training, build partnerships and develop relationships.
  10. Supporting and providing partnership with other JCEP organizations and/or national initiatives seeking to improve Extension’s ability to serve urban and/or culturally diverse audiences.

See January Issue of Connections (click Affinity Groups in left menu) for a descriptive article about the Urban and Latino Affinity Groups.

Affinity Group Members Page (requires login for access)

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