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2021 ESP National Conference

2021 National Recognition Program
National and Regional Winners

National Distinguished Service Ruby Award

Edwin Jones / Virginia Alpha Gamma Chapter

National Friends of Extension Awards

    Elected Official

Gary Black / Georgia

    Lay Leader

Patsy Kinman / Kentucky

    Professional/Business Leader

Carrie Schumacher / Montana


Wisconsin Counties Association / Wisconsin

Northeast Regional Awards

Distinguished Service Award

Madeleine Greene / Maryland Tau Chapter

Continued Excellence Award

Jan Scholl / Pennsylvania Alpha Omicron Chapter

Mid-Career Service Award

Alayne Torretta / New Jersey Alpha Xi Chapter

Early Career Service Award

Arlene Wilson / New York Lambda Chapter

Administrative Leadership Award

Celeste Carmichael / New York Lambda Chapter

Visionary Leadership Award

Sarah Gregory / Pennsylvania Alpha Omicron Chapter

International Service Award

No nominees

Diversity Multicultural Individual - Tie

Sharon Kinsey / New Jersey Alpha Xi Chapter 

Diversity Multicultural Individual – Tie

Bonnie Collins / New York Lambda Chapter

Diversity Multicultural Team – Implicit Bias and Inclusive Programming Education for Rutgers Cooperative Extension

Laura Eppinger / New Jersey Alpha Xi Chapter

Non-ESP Members: Marissa Staffen, Serafino Matos, Lisa Sanon-Jules

Distinguished Team – Do you have what it takes to be a Veterinarian? 4-H Virtual Course– Tie

Sarah Gregory / Pennsylvania Alpha Omicron and Skylar Peters

Non-ESP Members: Alexandria Armstrong, Toby Neal

Distinguished Team – Health Rocks! In Western Maryland – Tie

 Lacie Ashby / Maryland Tau Chapter, Ashley Travis, Ann Sherrard

Non-ESP Member: Michelle Harman

North Central Regional Awards

Distinguished Service Award

Travis West / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter

Continued Excellence Award

Gregory Davis / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter

Mid-Career Service Award

Patricia Carroll / Wisconsin Alpha Sigma Chapter

Early Career Service Award

Amanda Raines / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter

Administrative Leadership Award

Ronald Bates / Michigan Alpha Psi Chapter

Visionary Leadership Award – Tie

Kandi O’Neil / Wisconsin Alpha Sigma Chapter

Visionary Leadership Award – Tie

Eric Barrett / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter

International Service Award

Antonio Alba Meraz / Minnesota Pi Chapter

Diversity Multicultural Individual

Kayla Oberstadt / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter

Diversity Multicultural Team – Military Families Learning Network Family Transitions

Sara Croymans / Minnesota Pi Chapter, Anita Harris Hering

Non-ESP Members: Karen Shirer, Jenny Rea, Vickie LaFollette

Distinguished Team – The Science of Parenting: Developing and Utilizing Podcasting Technology

Lori Korthals / Iowa Alpha Mu Chapter, Barbara Dunn Swanson, Mackenzie Johnson, Donna Donald, Kristin Taylor

Non-ESP Member: Mackenzie DeJong


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