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2019 National Conference
Colorado Springs, CO   /   October 14-17, 2019

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Seminars & Research Presentations
2019 ESP Concurrent Sessions

Please identify your preference for each of the six sessions. You will select your preference for each session during the registration process.

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Concurrent Session 1
Tuesday, 2:30 pm - 3:25 pm

S1.1 How Far Has Extension Advanced in the Inclusion of LGBTQ+ Individuals?

A facilitated dialog with questions designed to glean where your Extension program is on including the LGBTQ+ community. Participants will have the chance to share both challenges they are facing and success stories, unanswered questions, direction needed, resources available and needed, as well as building your network.

Presenter: Jeffrey Myers, Retired Area Extension Director
University of Maryland
Maryland - Tau (Northeast)

Additional Presenters: Ann Berry, Mike Knutz

S1.2 There Can Be Fun and Games:  Experiential Learning and Problem Solving Techniques for Adult Learners

Adult learners have the most successful outcomes when programming includes experiential learning and critical reflection. We will share tested ideas, activities, tools, and resources developed for health insurance literacy programs and discuss cross-discipline application. Learn principles and techniques for customizing games, case studies, and tools for engaging educational experiences.

Presenter: Dorothy Nuckols, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator
University of Maryland
Maryland - Tau (Northeast)

Additional Presenter: Lisa McCoy 

S1.3 Civically Engaging Today's Youth Around Public Issues that Matter

Are you interested in learning how to prepare students to be informed, thoughtful, and engaged citizens…if so, session participants will be introduced to the University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension’s Future Leaders Active in Government (F.L.A.G.) program where students voice their opinions about public issues that matter.

Presenter: Kathleen Haas, Community Development Educator
University of Wisconsin Madison Division of Extension
Wisconsin – Alpha Sigma (North Central)

S1.4 The Results Are In! Examining the Preferences of Motivations of Young Extension Donors and Volunteers

Critical to increasing capacity and providing programs to additional audiences, volunteers and donors work to serve Extension programs through revenue, resources, and reach. This concurrent session will intersect both strategies and research related to a new demographic of supporters, those under 35, often referred to as millennials.

Presenter: Jenna Daniel, Extension Specialist
University of Georgia
Georgia – Alpha Beta (Southern)

Additional Presenter: Keri Hobbs

S1.5 Research Presentations (3 presentations per session)

A Mixed Methods Study Examining Factors that Contribute to Why 4-H Extension Agents Stay
The knowledge gained from this study will increase the ability of administrators nationwide with necessary knowledge to promote job satisfaction and motivate 4-H agents. Furthermore, the full protocol will be shared for other states to replicate the study and investigate ways to best motivate and support their 4-H professionals.

Presenter: Sarah Hensley, 4-H Curriculum & Evaluation SSA III
University of Florida/ IFAS/ Extension
Florida – Alpha Delta (Southern)

Additional Presenter: Dale Pracht

Understanding Program Recruitment and Retention: Lessons Learned from 4-H Youth Development
How do you keep clientele coming back for more? The research study provides rich data focused on first-year experiences in the 4-H Youth Development Program. Youths were asked why they enrolled in 4-H, shared their overall experience, identified what they liked best, and provided recommendations for change. 

Presenter: JoLynn Miller
Louisiana State University Ag Center
Louisiana – Alpha Alpha (Southern)

Additional Presenters: Sarah Hensely, Missy Cummins, Jeanette Rea-Keywood, and Janet Fox 

Champions Overcome Barriers & Support a Winning Team
What are the barriers/facilitators to include youth with disabilities in Extension 4-H programs? Two qualitative studies identify challenges and help Extension professionals establish goals to become a gold medal team. Participants will review best practices for proactive vs. reactive programming; and have access to research protocol and helpful resources.

Presenter: Marilyn Lesmeister, Volunteer Development & Risk Management
Oregon State University Extension 4-H Youth Development
Oregon - Gamma (West)

Additional Presenter: Debera Warnock

S1.6 Expanding Views of Extension Work through an International Professional Development Program in the Philippines

In conjunction with the ESP Iota Utah chapter and Utah State University’s office of Global Engagement, ESP Global Relations committee members identified a professional development opportunity for Extension faculty at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos. In this presentation, they will discuss objectives, agenda and program learning outcomes.

Presenter: Celina Wille, USU Extension Assistant Professor
Utah State University Extension
Utah - Iota (West)

Additional Presenter: Peggy Compton

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Concurrent Session 2 Tuesday, 3:40 pm - 4:35 pm

S2.1 Extension UNCENSORED: A Candid Conversation About Workplace Culture. What’s Working, What’s Not? Let's Get Everyone Rowing in the Same Boat!

Today’s Extension offices are a cornucopia of individuals with very diverse backgrounds, often multi-generational and a blend of old school vs. new school beliefs & work styles. Our organizations are always changing. Come learn how to improve the culture of your office to drive greater engagement during times of change.

Presenter: Lindsay Davis, Regional Administrative Office Manager
Oregon State University Extension
Oregon - Gamma (West)

S2.2 Adapting a Youth Program for Hispanic/Latinx Audiences

Attendees will learn how a youth entrepreneurship program was adapted to effectively educate Hispanic/Latinx youth. This youth program was adapted because of different motivations, aspirations, and trends related to Hispanic/Latinx culture. Attendees will learn the research for successful Hispanic/Latinx youth programs and the youth entrepreneurship evaluation data.

Presenter: Jackie Amende, Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Educator
University of Idaho
Idaho - Theta (West)

Additional Presenters: Surine Greenway and Liliana Vega

S2.3 Getting to Know Your Community - Helping New Agents Assess Community Needs

"Getting to Know Your Community", a new initiative of K-State Research and Extension, provides new agents with the tools to review demographics, engage with extension advisory committees, conduct stakeholder interviews, and plan and implement a local needs assessment with key partners in the community.

Presenter: Laurie Chandler, Associate Program Leader
K-State Research and Extension
Kansas – Alpha Rho (North Central)

Additional Presenter: Jennifer Wilson

S2.4 Practical Tools to Transform Stakeholders: From Informed to Empowered for Better Program Outcomes

Interactive presentation featuring innovative tools for strengthening stakeholder engagement in Extension programming for better outcomes. Discussion includes a stakeholder engagement self-assessment tool, facilitated discussions on best practices for stakeholder recruitment, engagement, and retention, and explores a case study of a successful leadership program; The Family Leadership Training Institute at CSU Extension.

Presenter: Patti Schmitt, Director of the Family Leadership Training Institute
Colorado State University Extension
Colorado - Zeta (West)

S2.5 Achieving Peak Performance: Busting the Myths and Embracing the Science of Decluttering and Tidying

The trends of minimizing, downsizing, decluttering, and tidying are sweeping the nation. Results of the research are in: too much stuff is overwhelming, stressful, and distracting, yet strangely enough, comforting. This workshop focuses on recognizing and reducing clutter both professionally and personally. Start (or continue) your journey to peak performance.

Presenter: Alayne Torretta, County 4-H Agent
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
New Jersey – Alpha Xi (Northeast)

S2.6 Successful Fundraising Ideas When Everything Else Hasn't Worked!

Have your fund raising ideas gone stale?  This session is for everyone who belongs to a group that needs to raise funds.  The RDM Committee will help you raise funds for the Development Fund.  Learn some fun ways to collect money the easy way.  We want your ideas too!

Presenter: Margaret Viebrock, WSU Extension County Director
Washington State University Extension
Member At Large

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Concurrent Session 3
Wednesday, 11:15 am - 12:10 pm

3.1 Investigating the RE in REtirement

Retired and almost retired individuals hear the word “Retirement” and equate it to many other “RE’s”:  Rewire, Reconnect, Reengage and more. Learn what retirement research tells us and how it’s not the same old business anymore. Explore resources and tools you can use for success in this phase of living.

Presenter: Laurel Kubin, Retired
Colorado State University
Colorado - Zeta (West)

3.2 Text Messages Can Be a Powerful Education Tool

Discover the power of Text Messages in programming. Increase your audience participation and their knowledge gained by adding powerful messages in clear, concise and inspiring methods. Discussion on research and implementing texting in educational programming, as well as best practices for length and frequency of text messaging will be shared.

Presenter: Lisa Barlage, Extension Educator
Ohio State University Extension
Ohio – Alpha Eta (North Central)

Additional Presenters: Pat Brinkman, Jami Dellifield, Tammy Jones, Beth Stefura, Michelle Treber

3.3 Financial and Legal Tools for Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregivers Facing “Double” Planning:  Not Only for His/Her Loved One but also Him/Herself

The method of establishing the need for a Legal and Financial Packet for Caregivers of those with Alzheimer’s or other form of dementia will be described.  Also to be shared are the results of conference about legal and financial topics for caregivers and a legal documents clinic.

Presenter: Marsha Goetting, Montana State University Extension Family Economics Specialist
Montana State University
Montana - Alpha (West)

3.4 Develop Your Extension Programs with the Power of Partnerships

Using partners brings power to the table!  Using case studies from the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI), presenters will walk through the steps to develop Extension programs that dive deeper into community needs by working with county partners.  Participants will walk away with a framework for future use.

Presenter: Jacki Paone, County Director
CSU Extension Jefferson County
Colorado - Zeta (West)

Additional Presenter: Kyle Christensen

3.5 When Inclusion of All is in Opposition to Administration and Constituent Groups

What organizational development approaches are available for Extension workers when perceived controversial programs, topics or processes are in opposition to influential constituency groups?  This workshop will review a controversial case study on a national scale and what best practices were learned.

Presenter: Jeff Howard, State 4-H Program Leader
University of Maryland Extension
Maryland - Tau (Northeast)

3.6 ESP National Latino & Urban Affinity Groups: New Audiences, Innovative Programming, and Best Practices Exchange with Participants

Latino and Urban engagement requires us to approach new audiences innovatively. Hear from national leaders and experts who work in Latino and Urban Extension about innovative practices that are setting new standards for genuine engagement in new communities. Learn about first-hand experiences, successes and failures, innovative programs, and join-in for a Best Practices exchange. From there, we will have lunch and pick-up from where we left off at the 2018 conference. We will review the results of the 2018 World Cafe and work to identify new leadership, create a succession plan, finalize our work plan, create subcommittees, and more. Your input is essential in shaping the future of the Affinity Groups! 

Presenter: Rusty Collins, 2019 Conference Co-Chair
Colorado State University
Colorado – Zeta (Western)

Additional Presenters: Celina Wille and Elizabeth Metheny

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Concurrent Session 4
Wednesday, 1:45 pm - 2:40 pm

4.1 Integrating Essential Elements in the Extension Workforce

4-H has a fantastic message, but we also need to take care of the messengers— Extension professionals.  Learn how to make your work environment one of service & appreciation (generosity), of support in both successes and mistakes (mastery), of ownership and direction (independence), and of  inclusive teamwork (belonging).

Presenter: Stacey MacArthur, Extension Associate Professor/State Volunteer & Healthy living Specialist
Utah State University
Utah - Iota (West)

Additional Presenter: Callie Ward

4.2 Utilizing Cultural Intelligence to Deepen Connections with Your Audience

Research indicates that educators who effectively understand working with others who are different greatly increase chances of connecting and positively impacting their audiences.  The concept of Cultural Intelligence, one's capability to function effectively in diverse situations, will be explored.  Hands-on activities will challenge individuals on a personal and group level.

Presenter: Steve Brady, 4-H Extension Educator
OSU Extension
Ohio – Alpha Eta (North Central)

4.3 Enhancing Your Program’s Peak Performance by Engaging Stakeholders in Data Interpretation

Engaging stakeholders in evaluation data can be difficult. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the idea of “data parties.”  Data parties consist of engaging methods to review data with stakeholders. Session participants will learn how to use and implement “data parties” with their lay audiences.

Presenter: Russell Hill, 4-H Youth Development Advisor
University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
Member At Large

Additional Presenters: Jeannette Rea-Keywood, Janet Fox, Sarah Hensley, JoLynn Miller

4.4 Strategies and Tools to Improve Your Working Relationships with Others

Working with colleagues, community members and volunteers require skills that minimize conflicts, miscommunication and misconceptions. Individuals’ personality types, strengths and personal triggers play an important role in these relationships. In this interactive session, participants will learn and practice strategies to improve their communication skills and working relationships with others.

Presenter: Lisa McCoy, FCS Educator
University of Maryland
Maryland - Tau (Northeast)

Additional Presenters: Jamie Morris

4.5 Cashing in on Quilt Trails:  An Affordable Path to Stimulating Rural Economics

Quilt trails encourage tourists to explore rural communities, impacting social capital, celebrating heritage and encouraging entrepreneurship.  Extension Educators are establishing Oklahoma's first quilt trails.  Attendees will learn about quilt trails and receive resources to develop trails.

Presenter: Lynda Latta, Extension Educator FCS/4-H/CED
Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma - Omicron (Southern)

ESP National Latino & Affinity Groups: Continue discussion from lunch, finalize work plan, subcommittees, representatives, authors for Connection Newsletter articles
Presenter: Rusty Collins, 2019 Conference Co-Chair

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Lightning Session
Wednesday, October 16 at 12:00 noon

Livestock Quiz Bowl- Putting a fun and competitive spin on 4-H Positive Youth Development, Education, Learning, and Belonging

The Western National Round-Up Livestock Quiz Bowl Contest exists to accomplish target goals of increasing livestock knowledge, teamwork, stress management, decision making, and critical thinking for youth in the 4-H program. Come learn the skills and resources necessary to get a program started in your County, Region, or State.

Presenter: Joshua Dallin, Extension Assistant Professor
Utah State University
Utah - Iota (West)

Additional Presenter: Lacey Taylor

My Preparedness Initiative – Case Study for Implementation and County Delivery in Georgia and Gordon County

The My Preparedness Initiative (MyPI) trains youth as community leaders in emergency preparedness. Youth complete three components: FEMA’s Community Emergency Response Team training, a catalog of additional training, and a community service project. This session features Georgia 4-H’s implementation of MyPI with a case study on Gordon County 4-H’s delivery.

Presenter: Alexandria Griner, 4-H County Extension Agent
University of Georgia
Georgia - Alpha Beta (Southern)

Additional Presenter: Keri Hobbs

Sweet Talk

The sweetest five minutes of your life! You will learn how Europeans developed a taste for sugar, the role of Columbus and Napoleon in the sugar industry, and the source of the sugar in your coffee!

Presenter: Mohamed Khan, Professor and Extension Sugarbeet Specialist
North Dakota State University & University of Minnesota
North Dakota - Upsilon (North Central)

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Poster Presenters
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 8:00 am. Poster Viewing Opens

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 1:15 - 2:15 pm. Authors are present for discussion with the attendees.

A second session has been added on Wednesday, October 16 - 2:45 - 3:30 pm.  Authors are invited to participate in the second optional session if available.

Youth Achieve New Heights through Field Days
Presenter: Barbara Brody, Extension Faculty
Oregon State University
Oregon - Gamma (West)

Empowering Extension Using an Employee Empowerment Leadership Style
Presenter: Whitney Elmore, County Extension Director/Horticulture Agent
University of Florida
Florida - Alpha Delta (Southern)

Adult Latina Face-to-Face Entrepreneurship Program
Presenter: Surine Greenway, Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Educator
University of Idaho
Idaho - Theta (West)
Additional Presenter: Jackie Amende

The USU Botanical Center Edible Demonstration Garden
Presenter: Sheriden Hansen, Assistant Professor, Horticulture
Utah State University
Utah - Iota (West)

Utah's Rural Online Initiative: Connecting Rural Communities with Remote Work
Presenter: Paul Hill, Extension Associate Professor
Utah State University
Utah - Iota (West)

Growing School Gardens in Franklin County, Ohio, through the 4-H Project Green Teacher Series
Presenter: Sue Hogan, Educator, 4-H Youth Development
Ohio State University
Ohio - Alpha Eta (North Central)

Weather Ready Landscapes Educational Infographics for Reactive and Proactive Landscape Response
Presenter: David Lott, District Horticulture Educator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
Nebraska - Alpha Upsilon (North Central)

Buckeye ISA (Institution Supported Agriculture): Addressing Neighborhood Food Security at the Family Level
Presenter: Timothy McDermott, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Ohio State University Extension
Ohio - Alpha Eta (North Central)

CISMA A networking Group Formed to Control Invasives Brings Funding and Solves Land Manager Conflicts Through Community Resource Development
Presenter: Dennis Mudge, Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension Agent
University of Florida IFAS Extension
Florida - Alpha Delta (Southern)

Soil Moisture Meters Influence Garden & Landscape Water Use
Presenter: Helen Muntz, Extension Assistant Professor, Horticulture
Utah State University
Utah - Iota (West)
Additional Presenter: Andree Walker

Beaver River Watershed Tour and Pesticide Training
Presenter: Mark Nelson, Extension Professor
Utah State University Extension
Utah - Iota (West)

Adult Perceptions of First-Year Experience in 4-H
Presenter: Jeannette Rea Keywood, State 4-H Agent
Rutgers University
New Jersery - Alpha Xi (Northeast)
Additional Presenters: JoLynn Miller, Janet Fox, Russell Hill and Sarah Hensley

Developmental Disabilities Training Series
Presenter: Jeannette Rea Keywood, State 4-H Agent
Rutgers University
New Jersery - Alpha Xi (Northeast)
Additional Presenter: Michelle Brill

Senior Access Points: A Community Engagement Model for Reaching Isolated Seniors and Breaking Down Resource Access Barriers
Presenter: Sue Schneider, Extension Agent
Colorado State University Extension, Larimer County
Colorado - Zeta (West)

Preparing for Wildfires – 15 months, 15 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes
Presenter: Irene Shonle, Gilpin County Extension Director and Natural Resources Agent
Colorado State University Extension
Colorado - Zeta (West)

Improving Management of Laurel Wilt Through Education and Collaboration
Presenter: Jeff Wasielewski, Extension Agent
University of Florida/IFAS
Florida - Alpha Delta (Southern)

Inclusion in extension programming - including LGBTQ+Clients
Presenter: Scott Williams, Professional Practice Extension Assistant Professor
Utah State University Extension
Utah - Iota (West)
Additional Presenters: Zuri Garcia and Paula Scott

Engaging with Latino Youth and their Parents through Collaborative Work
Presenter: Celina Wille, Assistant Professor
Utah State University Extension
Utah - Iota (West)

Healthy Living Programming with Native American Youth Populations
Presenter: Paige Wray, Extension Assistant Professor
Utah State University 
Utah - Iota (West)
Additional Presenter: Stacey MacArthur

National Committee Posters 

Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP), CE SAIN Scholars: Increasing Opportunities for Cambodian Youth to Pursue Careers in Agricultural Extension
Presenter: National Global Relations Committee

Using the Chapter Recognition Awards to Strengthen Local Chapters
Presenter: National Membership Retention and Recruitment Committee

Elevator Speech Contest - 60 Seconds to Win
Presenter: National Pubic Issues Committee

Marketing Epsilon Sigma Phi
Presenter: National Marketing Committee

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