2018 ESP National Conference

October 1 - 4, 2018

Hilton Garden Inn


SESSION I           
Tuesday, October 2
2:30 pm – 3:25 pm

Effective Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People                                                                      McDowell

Presenter: Judy Villard Overocker, Alpha Eta/OH

By participating in this session, professionals will learn how to increase their confidence and ability to work through conflict management situations and learn effective strategies to deal with difficult people. This session will focus on identification and understanding of the challenging situation and the preparation necessary to effectively deal with the people and the situation at hand.


Grant Writing gives Communities Endless Possibilities                                                                  Tuttle

Presenter: Nancy Daniels, Alpha Rho/KS

K-State Research and Extension is building community capacity to fulfill dreams by providing grant-writing workshops to local communities. Participants in this workshop will receive all the materials of the grant-writing workshop so that they can replicate the workshop quickly at home.


ESP 101                                                                                                                                                                 Kings

Presenter: Mark Blevins, ESP National President-Elect

Presenter: Mike Knutz, ESP National 2nd Vice President

Are you new to ESP or to your role as an officer in ESP? Welcome! This workshop will provide an introductory overview of the history, mission, and vision of Epsilon Sigma Phi. The structure of the organization and the relationship to the individual chapters will be discussed, including the types of membership, benefits of belonging to ESP, roles and functions of each ESP Committee and the progression of leadership within the organization. Learn more about the ESP Handbook, the ESP reporting system, where to locate material on the ESP website and the Calendar of Events. The session will include time for participants to ask questions and discuss issues of interest relative to ESP membership.

Retirement Readiness: Considerations Before Leaving Your Extension Career                     Flint Hills

Presenter: Marilyn Corbin, Alpha Omicron/PA

Dreaming of retirement? Planning for retirement should begin early in your career and intensify as you move closer to the end of your work life. This session will highlight non-financial aspects, phases of retirement, and emotional and psychological adjustments. Strategies will be shared so you can shape your retirement plans.


Understanding the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity                                     Big Blue River

Presenter: Deryl Waldren, Alpha Rho/KS
Presenter: Nozella Brown

Understanding the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity focuses on the role cultural difference plays in one’s interactions with others. Learn about the monocultural mindset of denial and polarization, minimization mindset and the intercultural mindset of acceptance and adaptation. Reflect on your personal mindset and how it influences your Extension work.


Facilitating Civil Dialogue                                                                                                                             Konza Prairie

Presenter: Barbara Dunn Swanson, Alpha Mu/IA

Civil dialogue is a valuable asset as people gather to make decisions that make a difference in our local communities. Extension professionals are often tapped to facilitate dialogue, and when the conversation turns uncivil, having a set of strategies to address the disrespect is helpful. This session will explore healthy response to disrespectful communication.


Tuesday, October 2
3:40 pm – 4:35 pm

Preparing for the Long Weekend                                                                                                             McDowell

Presenter: Sandra McKinnon, Alpha Mu/IA

Retirement – one of the hallmark passages of life. As we age, focus on enjoying ways to make the most of opportunities that await. In this presentation, we will explore preparing for retirement in ways you may not have thought of. This presentation is based on Richard E. Grace’s book When Everyday is Saturday: The Retirement Guide for Boomers. Grace, a professor, engineer, mentor, retired Vice President of Purdue University and author, explores attitudes about retirement through a survey instrument he created. Six specific themes about what really matters to retirees will be reviewed, and finances is only one of them.


ESP and Administration Partnership Problem Solving in Extension Issues                                              Tuttle

Presenter: David Lott, Alpha Upsilon/NE

Participants will learn how Nebraska Alpha Upsilon Chapter created and will maintain a platform with Nebraska Extension administration to identify issues faculty raise to discuss in a professional manner together to build stronger working relationships between faculty and administration.


ESP for State Presidents and President Elects                                                                                     Kings

Presenter: Mark Blevins, ESP National President-Elect

Presenter: Greg Price, ESP Executive Director

Opportunity for chapter presidents to understand, review, and ask questions about your role with National Epsilon Sigma Phi.  Are your chapter members getting all the benefits available? What can you do to make sure your chapter receives all the benefits of ESP membership? Processes, deadlines, and strategies will all be discussed.


California 4-H Latino Initiative: Lessons Learned from New Bilingual Staff                             Flint Hills

Presenter: Steven Worker, California Member at Large
Presenter: Maria G Fabregas Janeiro, California Member at Large

We share lessons learned from six new bilingual and bicultural staff as they developed culturally relevant and responsive programs to welcome Latino youth, families, and volunteers to Extension. The experiences shared can help shape outreach and diversity efforts for other Extension programs.


Knowledge of Extension at a Land-Grant University                                                                        Big Blue River

Presenter: Heidi Radunovich, Alpha Delta/FL

Participants will increase their knowledge about research conducted regarding university faculty understanding and perception of Extension, challenges and potential strategies for improving the success of university-Extension collaboration, and how to reach out to increase knowledge at their respective universities in order to increase levels of cross-university collaboration.


Collaborating for Youth                                                                                                                                Konza Prairie

Presenter: Diane Mack, Alpha Rho/KS
Presenters: Jill Martinson and Rhonda Atkinson

As the base of state funds continues to erode, these changing dynamics provide new opportunities for Extension programming. To tackle these emerging issues, the Kansas Department of 4-H Youth Development, partnered with the Kansas 4-H Foundation and local Extension units to develop a process and framework for growing 4-H.



Wednesday, October 3
11:15 am – 12:10 pm


Building and Maintaining Community Partnerships to Address Critical Local Needs          McDowell

Presenter: Treva Williams, Alpha Eta/OH
Presenter: Dennis DeCamp

Come explore a unique and successful community partnership addressing needs of at-risk youth and their families – often impacted by the opioid epidemic. The partnership established between school districts, Juvenile Court and Extension provides a pro-active approach focusing on showing compassion to program participants while addressing critical family stability issues.


Informal Program Evaluation on a Budget                                                                                            Tuttle

Presenter: Peggy Compton, Alpha Sigma/WI
Presenter: Amulya Rao

This session will prepare attendees to use simple evaluation methods to make their programming more effective. We will share evaluation strategies from the book, Interactive Evaluation Practice and allow time to practice each strategy using relevant examples and case studies. Attendees will leave equipped with at least four easy, interactive, evaluation tools that they can apply to their work.


Rising to the Challenge: Extension Work Related to the Opioid Crisis in Virginia                 Kings

Presenter: Karen Vines, Alpha Gamma/VA
Presenter: Beth O'Connor, Virginia Rural Health Association

The opioid crisis cuts across all demographics in American society but is greatly impacting rural communities. This presentation provides an overview of work underway involving Virginia Cooperative Extension as a means to begin discussion around approaches being used in other states.


Continuing Education for Volunteers using eXtension                                                                    Flint Hills

Presenter: Wendy Hein, Gamma/OR

Presenters: Trisha Applebee and Jan Williams, Gamma/OR

Training new volunteers is hard enough – re-training them is daunting. We implemented mandatory 4-H volunteer recertification using online eXtension webinars. Volunteers appreciate the education and retention rates have remained high. We will share our results then walk through the process of finding relevant program resources for any Extension program.


Raising the Bar: The Ins and Outs of Accreditation for Your Camping Program                     Big Blue River

Presenter: Chad Proudfoot, Phi/WV

Accreditation through the American Camp Association is a great way to show everyone that your camp program meets the highest standards. It doesn’t just have to be for 4-H, but is applicable to any sort of camp for youth or adults. This fun and interactive session will teach participants about the benefits of accreditation, as well as a step-by-step guide for how to get your camp accredited. Plenty of resources will be provided to help you move forward with confidence.


ESP Affinity Groups: Responding to New Audiences in Urban and Latino Communities   Konza Prairie

Presenter: Maria G. Fabregas Janeiro, Member at Large

Presenter: Rusty Collins, Zeta/CO

Presenters will discuss the importance of new affinity groups of interest, including Urban and Latino, and will lead a World Café exercise with the audience on how these new affinity groups, hosted by ESP, can best serve Extension professionals.



Wednesday, October 3
2:05 pm – 3:00 pm


Poverty: Understanding how we reach them with Extension programs                                   McDowell

Presenter: Travis West, Alpha Eta/OH

Poverty is not a new problem for the individuals we serve in our communities, but are we doing the best job possible to understand their situations and provide education that enhances their life. We will explore the true meaning of poverty, types of poverty and barriers to success for individuals living in poverty in our communities. This session will give you some tips and activities for making Extension programs impactful for families and individuals living in poverty.


Endless Possibilities of Community Planning                                                                                      Tuttle

Presenter: Jaime Menon, Alpha Rho/KS
Presenter: Nadine Sigle

K-State Research and Extension (KSRE) has developed a series of programs which allows communities to participate in comprehensive community planning. The programs address assessment, needs prioritization, goal setting, project development, citizen engagement, capacity building, evaluation and documentation of impacts. Communities can participate at their level of readiness and comfort.


Innovative Approaches to Programming under Reduced State & Federal Funding             Kings

Presenter: Sam Angima, Gamma/OR

Federal, state and local funding for Extension have not kept up with increased demands for new programs to our communities. New innovative ways using online and hybrid courses, working group concepts, tax service districts, grants and multi-state projects have successfully been deployed to keep Extension programs available to all audiences.


How to Write a Quality Abstract                                                                                                               Flint Hills

Presenter: Peggy Compton, Alpha Sigma/WI

Writing a strong abstract is essential for communicating the value of your work to reviewers and is critical to attracting an audience, once your submission is accepted. Members of the ESP Professional Development Committee will provide guidance on various types of abstracts, writing strong objectives targeting your intended audience, and understanding submission guidelines and how abstracts are evaluated and selected. 


Building Capacity with a Wellness Committee to Enhance Health Outcomes                        Big Blue River

Presenter: Katie Ahern, Gamma/OR

Setting the stage for a successful school wellness committee requires school administrative support, communication and the ability to conduct an effective meeting. The purpose of this workshop is for attendees to learn how to create a meeting agenda, facilitate a meeting and participate in a visioning activity.


Building Rapport with Elected Officials                                                                                                  Konza Prairie

Presenter: Mike Knutz, Gamma/OR
Presenter: Kelli Watcherson

Extension has a long history of funding through the cooperation of county, state and federal governments. It is critical that Extension Professionals create a stellar rapport with elected officials. Participants will learn successful strategies implemented by a County and a Regional Research & Extension Center to engage, connect and inform.




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