Introducing the 2016 Distinguished Ruby Award Winner

Dr. Pennie Crinion, University of Illinois / Alpha Nu Chapter

Crinion, PennieFollowing high school graduation, Dr. Pennie Crinion entered Eastern Illinois University and completed a Bachelor of Science in Education degree with a major in home economics and was issued a certification to teach levels K-12. While attending EIU she was elected and served several terms on the Student Senate and managed the Student Senate campus instructor evaluation system.

Dr. Crinion completed a Masters of Education in Home Economics Education degree by commuting to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign to attend classes while working as Extension Assistant Adviser, Home Economics in Vermilion County, Illinois. Her coursework focused on child development and educational methodology.

After taking a few non-degree courses while employed on the campus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dr. Crinion formally enrolled in the doctoral Administration, Higher, and Continuing Education program and completed both on campus and off-campus courses after rejoining Extension. During her degree pursuit, she was selected as the University of Illinois student representative to attend the Seventh Annual Seminar on Higher Education Policy in March of 1985. Following completion of her dissertation evaluation of the effects of merit scholarships on college enrollment decisions, she was awarded her degree in May of 1989.

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Announcing the 2016 ESP Award Recipients.

Thanks and congratulations to the nearly 200 members who were nominated for the awards that will be
presented to the national and regional award recipients at the Recognition Banquet that will be held on
Tuesday October, 25, 2016 during the ESP National Conference at Cape May, New Jersey.  Again,
congratulations to those that were nominated as well as to those who were chosen for national and
regional awards. 

2016 ESP Regional and National Recognition Awards

National Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Ruby Award Dr. Pennie Crinion – Illinois /Alpha Nu
Friend of Extension Cliff and Judy Bracher, Extension Volunteer/Lay Leader, OR
Friend of Extension Terry England, Elected Official, GA
Friend of Extension Ann Turkos, Extension Volunteer/Lay Leader MD
Northeast Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Karol Dyson – Maryland / Tau
Continuing Excellence Award Susan K. Morris – Maryland / Tau
Mid Career Award Robert C. Goodling, Jr  - Pennsylvania / Alpha Omicron
Early Career Award - Tie Amanda Marie Wahle – Maryland / Tau
Early Career Award - Tie Michelle F. Brill – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Administrative Leadership Award – Tie Marilyn Corbin – Pennsylvania / Alpha Omicron
Administrative Leadership Award – Tie Mary Jane Willis – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Visionary Leadership Award Christopher C. Obropta – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv. Jeffrey D. Myers – Maryland / Tau
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team Karol Dyson – Maryland / Tau
Distinguished Team Award Meredith Melendez - Preparing for Later Life Farming: Helping Farmers Pan and Develop Estate and Farm Transition Plans – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Southern Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Charles Overstreet – Louisiana / Alpha Alpha
Continuing Excellence Award Diane Sasser – Louisiana / Alpha Alpha 
Mid Career Award Lisa Hagman – Kentucky / Alpha Kappa
Early Career Award Karen Franck – Tennessee / Omega
International Service Award Brent Broaddus – Florida / Alpha Delta
Administrative Leadership Award Allen Malone – Texas / Alpha Zeta
Visionary Leadership Award Janet Johnson – Kentucky / Alpha Kappa
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv. Rhea Bentley – Georgia / Alpha Beta
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team -Tie Jennifer Abel – 4H, Finance and Nutrition Programs Foster Success for Foreign-born Youth and Adults – Virginia / Alpha Gamma
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team - Tie Nancy Moores- Differently Abled Youth – Florida / Alpha Delta
Distinguished Team Award Crystal Osborne – Owsley County School Health & Wellness Committee – Kentucky / Alpha Kappa
North Central Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Trudy Rice – Kansas / Alpha Rho
Continuing Excellence Award Julie A Chapin – Michigan / Alpha Psi
Mid Career Award – Tie Meridith Berry – Missouri / Alpha Tau
Mid Career Award – Tie Patricia Brinkman – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Early Career Award Mark Light – Ohio / Alpha Eta
International Service Award James Hoorman – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Administrative Leadership Award Greg Hadley – Kansas / Alpha Rho
Visionary Leadership Award Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv.

Emily Proctor – Michigan / Alpha Psi
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team Suzanne Mills-Wasniak – “Vacant to Vibrant” Dayton, Ohio Urban Agriculture Project – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Distinguished Team Award Carol Smathers – Water First For Thirst – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Western Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Shana Withee – Oregon / Gamma
Continuing Excellence Award Lyla Houglum – Oregon / Gamma
Mid Career Award Justen Smith – Utah / Iota
Early Career Award Melanie Jewkes – Utah / Iota
International Service Award Shana Withee – Oregon / Gamma
Administrative Leadership Award Barbara Brody – Oregon / Gamma
Visionary Leadership Award Jeff Sherman – Oregon / Gamma
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv. Jim Ekins – Idaho / Theta
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team Mike Knutz – Healthy Kids Club – Oregon / Gamma
Distinguished Team Award Shanna Northway - Youth Advocates for Health! (YA4-H!) Teens as Teachers Program – Oregon / Gamma

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ESP2015 Kay Sagmiller

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ESP2015 Karen Bruns

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ESP 2015 - Vision 2020 Panel Discussion

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ESP2015 Waded Cruzado
ESP2015 Waded Cruzado

Dr. Waded Cruzado, President, Montana State University, Keynote Speaker at the 2015 ESP National Conference, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, October 2015. Dr. Cruzado's presentation was entitled, "Who Needs Extension Anyway?"

ESP2015 Larry Roper
ESP2015 Larry Roper

Dr. Larry Roper, Professor School of Language, Culture and Society, Oregon State University, Keynote Speaker at the 2015 ESP National Conference, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, October 2015. Dr. Roper's presentation was entitled, "Leadership and You...A Priceless Combination."